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Joey Broxmeyer (UIC)


Steve Spinden (UIC)




I would like to thank Sam McDonald for his years of service to District 24. Sam has decided to step down as the UIC. Sam will remain on the staff of District 24. Sam’s hard work and dedication has made the umpires in this district a top notch group. These are hard shoes to fill but I am excited for the opportunity.  On behalf of the umpires and staff of District 24 we would like to thank you for all that you have and will continue to do for the district.

Mission statement

Umpiring is great fun and is as much a part of the game as is playing it. It is the best interest of District 24 and the local leagues represented by the district that we train, evaluate, supervise, and qualify all volunteer umpires. It is a rewarding feeling to walk off the field after a game, knowing that we have made a difference in the Little League playing experiences of youth participants.

The role of the volunteer umpire and role model is to mediate by knowing the rules of the game, and being in the best possible positions to react to any play being made while the ball is live and in play.

As a role model the job of the volunteer umpire is rewarding and sometimes a thankless job. Some of the qualities of a volunteer umpire are honesty, integrity, humor and a sense of fair play. The volunteer umpire is an extension of the district umpire staff and of the little league organization. Our umpires strive to develop an understanding of and appreciation for the capabilities and limitation of youth athletes playing Little League Baseball. A trained umpire can and does inspire children to abide by the rules and to recognize authority while at the same time increasing their enjoyment of the game.

As a volunteer umpire, we are responsible for the safety of the youth participants playing. By this we are responsible for checking the field for possible dangerous situations that could be present on the field, checking the equipment used by the ball players, such as helmets, bats and catchers’ equipment.

The Chief Umpire will provide training to all volunteer umpires in both classroom and field situations before the season starts, and is available to conduct additional training. All rules and procedures used to officiate Little League baseball/softball at position, plate umpire or base umpire.

No game is better without umpires. Ask any of the young athletes who have played a baseball game which had no official umpires, or not enough umpires, and you will find children who feel slighted when “makeshift” umpiring is all that is provided. To the youngsters in our program, it doesn’t seem like a “real” game without “real” umpires.

Umpiring is important, fun, and a great way to support our Little League program. We encourage everyone to try it. Please be supportive with our young umpires, for they will be the backbone for the umpires’ corps for years to come.

Regional and World Series requirements

  • World Series/Regional Umpire Assignment Policy Statement for Little League International
  • Procedures for all Regional Offices to use for making Regional and World Series umpire assignments.

While most of the volunteer umpires that are assigned are true Little League umpires, some have taken on additional umpire responsibilities in other baseball and softball programs in order to make themselves better umpires. While these umpires are sometimes more experienced and technically more qualified, they are in fact not necessarily better umpires than the umpire who only umpires Little League games. Extra credit should be given to the individual who umpires only Little League games over the individual who umpires in several programs and only a few Little League games.

For any volunteer umpire to get an assignment to a Regional Tournament or a World Series, that umpire must be:

  • Recommended to the Regional Director by the District Administrator where the individual lives. Too often, the Regional Centers receive nominations from only a few of the districts and states in their region. 
  •  District Administrators should know how important it is to nominate those individuals in their districts who are volunteering their time and effort to make the District Little League program successful. In addition to district tournament.
  • Experience within the division that umpires are applying for, it is highly recommended that umpires also have experience at a state or sectional within that same requested division. State and/or sectional experience will prepare umpires for the Regional/World Series assignment.

To ensure the volunteers are currently umpiring and still dedicated to the local Little League, a recommendation must be submitted on the enclosed form every year. To be eligible for assignments outside the local league, the Individual must:

A. Umpire in the local league and get recommended for;

B. District, and get recommended for;

C. Region, and get recommended for a World Series. For the Regional Office to consider an individual for a World Series or Regional assignment in a specific division the individual should umpire during the current regular season in:

Little League Baseball (Majors) - to get recommended for Little League Baseball Regional /World Series. (Would qualify for 9/10, 10/11 year old Baseball)

Little League Softball - to get recommended for Little League Softball Regional/World Series. (Would qualify for 9/10, 10/11 year old Softball)

Intermediate (50/70), Junior, Senior or Big League Baseball - for recommendation for Intermediate (50/70), Junior League, Senior League or Big League Baseball Regional/World Series.

Junior, Senior or Big League Softball - for recommendation for Little League, Junior League, Senior League or Big League Softball Regional/World Series.

Each Regional Director will assign an appropriate number of umpires to each of their Regional Sites. An individual who is knowledgeable in the intricacies of umpiring will evaluate the volunteer umpires on the enclosed form. At the completion of the Regional tournament, these evaluation forms will be sent to the appropriate Regional Director for review and to aid in making the following year’s assignments. Every volunteer umpire is a valuable asset to the Little League program and should be rewarded with a Regional and/or World Series assignment, when deserved.  While every umpire might have the desire and motivation, not every umpire has the ability. Those umpires who have the ability and have received a World Series recommendation should be rewarded with a World Series assignment(s).The following policy is effective immediately:

 1. Any umpire who has been assigned to a World Series may apply for another world series at a different level.

2. It must be at least four (4) years since the last assignment – Umpire evaluation form

Example: An umpire who participated in a World Series in 2008 would again be eligible for selection to another World Series in 2012.

3. An umpire may only be assigned to any one of the eight World Series one time. 4. An umpire that has left the Little League program for one season or more must re-qualify once again with all the required recommendations and umpire at least four (4) years from when that umpire came back into the program.

This restriction will certainly open up more opportunities to more umpires in each Region. Each U. S. Region will have two (2) Little League Baseball World Series umpire slots with two (2) U. S. Regions having an additional spot on a rotating basis and two (2) World Series umpire slots for each of the other World Series. Each International Region will have one (1) World Series umpire slot.

All Regional sites must be informed as a matter of policy that volunteer umpires assigned by the Regional Office must get priority when it comes to game assignments. Each volunteer umpire assigned from the Regional Office will be assigned to Home Plate, First Base, Second Base, Third Base, and if using a six-umpire rotation, Left Field and Right Field positions before any host umpire gets those positions. Every effort must be made to maximize the use of the volunteer umpires assigned by the Regional Office. However, in championship game situations one staff or host umpire certainly may be assigned for the purpose of game continuity and stability. The assignment of a host umpire or staff umpire to a championship game will be at the discretion of the tournament director after consultation with the tournament umpire-in-chief.

Additional District 24 other requirements:

1.  Umpire 5 tournament games at the district level as a volunteer.

2.  Go to 1 training class set up by district umpire staff, or 8 hours of documented instruction training for Little League.

3.  Help in fund raising for the district umpire fund. 

Regional and World Series Assignments 2015:

I would like to congratulation to you guys for being selected to go umpire at your Regionals you have applied for. I hope that you all have fun and have safe travels.  

  • Bob Morrison…………… Matamoros Mexico Little League Baseball
  • Jack Phillips………………. Matamoros Mexico Little League Baseball
  • John Kuykendal…………. Matamoros Mexico Little League Baseball
  • Tony Estrada………………………………. Missoula, Montana Sr. Softball 
 DATE:  27 MARCH 2014


Congratulation to:

  • STEVE SPINDEN, who will be going to Kutno, Poland for the Little League Europe Regional Tournament.
  • HARRISON COLE, who will be going to Kutno, Poland for the Little League Europe Regional Tournament.
  • BOB MORRISON, who will be going to Monterey, Mexico for the Little League Nationals.
  • GARY ELDRED, who will be going to Monterey, Mexico for the Little League Nationals.
  • ROBERT TOWNSEND, who will be going to Monterey, Mexico for the Little League Nationals.
  • JACK PHILLIPS, who will be going to Kirkland, WA for the Junior Softball World Series.
  • MIKE SEXTON, who will be going to Vancouver, WA for the Junior Baseball Regional.
  • ELVEN WHITCHURCH, who will be going to Missoula, MT for the Senior Softball Regional. 

 Outstanding performance by all selected!




Sam  McDonald





DATE:  14 February 2012



Thanks again for supporting this great program.  Over 15 teams participated.  Thank you to Arlanza Little League and their hospitality.  Thanks goes out to our umpires who include, Joe Madrid, Steve Dix, Cameron Dix, Johnny Rodriquez, Robert Sabedra, Bob Townsend, Greg Baderdeen, Bob Morrison and Joey Broxmeyer.



Congratulation to:

  • SHAWN BUCHANAN, who will be going to San Bernardino, CA for the West Region Little League Baseball tournament.
  • JOEY BROXMEYER, who will be going to Edmonton, Canada for the Canadian Region Little League Baseball tournament. 

GARY ELDRED...We are proud of you!!

Congratulation to Gary Eldred for having umpired in all eight (8) World Series in Little League Baseball and Softball.  In baseball, Gary umpired in the 1982 Little League Baseball World Series, the 1983 Junior League Baseball World Series, the1990 Senior League Baseball World Series and the 1993 Big League Baseball World Series.  In softball, Gary umpired in the 1984 Little League Softball World Series, the 2010 Junior League Softball World Series, the 1982 Senior Softball World Series and the 1985 Big League Softball World Series. What an accomplishment!


SAM McDONALD, District 24 UIC 



DATE:  September 15, 2011


 Thank you all for a great 2011 All-Star season.

  • At the District level, 72 games out of 73 games had a 4-man crew.
  • At the Section level, 13 games had a 4-man crew....100%!!
  • At the Division level, 23 games had a 4-man crew...100%!!

When our crews travelled outside the district, we had all 4-man crew...again 100%!!!


For the Division/State Tournaments, we hosted crews from the following districts:

  • CA-31, CA-37, CA-72 and CA-43 for BIG LEAGUE SOFTBALL DIV III
  • CA-63, CA-55, CA-28, CA-42 for JUNIOR BASEBALL DIV III

Our crew chiefs did a great job!! Thank you to our Directors, Bob Townsend, Shawn Buchanan and Greg Baderdeen, for an outstanding performance!!


Thank you all again for a great All-Star season...thank you for making my job easy!!!!



SAM McDONALD, District 24 UIC 


DATE:  March 23, 2011

 Chris White, District 24 District Administrator and I would like to thank all the umpires for a great 2010 season. This year again, our thanks goes to Best Impressions for the new black shirt and bat charts that everyone will be receiving.  I do have some navy and light blue umpire shirts still available for new umpires or if you need a new one. Again, we will be awarding pins to our 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 year umpires at our Annual Umpire Luncheon, which will be held in June.  


I would like to thank all the umpires for supporting the Toys for Tots Tournament held last December. They all received pins, a flipping coin and a good lunch.  Thanks goes to Arlanza Little League for their hospitality. 

THANKS AGAIN TO ALL THE UMPIRES….. Joe Madrid, Joey Brozmeyer, Bob Morrison, Bob Townsend, Gary Eldred, Shawn Buchanan, Robert Sabedra, John Rodriquez




CONGRATULATIONS to umpires selected to participate in the 2011 Regional Tournaments. They are: 

·         STEVE SPINDEN  for Senior Bseball  to be held in Ontario, California 
·         JACK PHILLIPS for Senior Softball to be held in Billings, Montana              
·         JOEY BROXMEYER for Little League Baseball to be held in Kutno, Poland   

DISTRICT UIC                                 Sam McDonald

ASST.  DISTRICT  UIC                   Greg Baderdeen

AD BIG LEAGUE                             Bob Morrison

AD SOFTBALL                                 Bob Townsend

AD TRAINING                                 Gary Eldred

ASST. AD TRAINING                     Shawn Buchanan
AD SAFETY/ AWARENESS            John Fresquez   

Robert Sabedra

Joe Madrid

Shawn Buchanan

Bob townsend

Greg Barnes

Steve Spinden

David Taylor 

Thank you all for your hard work and for your support. 

Regards to all,  

District Umpire Consultant


 DATE:  March 1, 2010

Chris and I would like to thank all the umpires for a great 2009 season. Your time was appricated by both our District 24 staff and the children that we're out there for.....thanks again. This season is comming up fast, my sponsors are Sportschoice, Diamond Umpires and Best Impressions. They have helped me obtain new District 24 navy Blue shirts, black t-shirts and navy Ball bags. I still have some light blue shirts for new members or if you didnt recieve yours. We will be giiving out your 5,10,15,20 and 25 year pins at the Annual Umpires Lunchon to be held in June of 2010.  



90% CLUB

The following umpires performed 90% of the games during District and Sectional all-star tournaments.....volunteered their time for some15+ games.  Each received a District 24 jacket....they are:

Greg Banderdeen, Mike Gonzales, Joe Madrid, Chris Flexen, Lyle Farmer, Chris Calvia, Dave Taylor, Bob Townsend, Chuck Boemer, Mike Sexton, Glen Brewer,Gary Eldred and Bob Morrison.


European Regional Tournaments and World Series Tournaments

Congratulations to all the umpires who got seclected to participate in Regional and World Series tournaments.  See list below:

  • Bob Morrison:  Little League Regional to be held in Poland, near Warsaw 
  • Sam McDonald:  Little League Regional to be held in Poland, near Warsaw
  • Joey Broxmeyer:  Little League and Junior Softball Regionals, to be held in Italy 
  • Gary Eldred:  Junior Softball World Series to be held in the state of Washington. 

 Congratulations to our District 24 Umpires!


2010 District 24 Umpire Staff  
BIG LEAGUE:                                             BOB MORRISON
SOFTBALL:                                                 BOB TOWNSEND
TRAINING:                                                 GARY ELDRED 



Thanks Again for all the support. 
Warm Regards,  
SAM McDONALD, District 24 UIC


DATE:            March 6, 2009

Chris White, District Administrator and I would like to thank all of you for the  EXCELLENT job you did during District All-Stars , Sectionl and Division. Most of the Crew Chiefs had 3-4 umpires at every game.  If you didn’t receive your  5-year, your 10-year, and/or your 15-year pin, please let me know.   

Congratulations to the CA-24 umpires that have been selected for the 2009 Regional and World Series Tournaments!  They are:

  • Greg Barnes / Senior Baseball World Series 
  • Eric Newton / Big League Softball Regional in Palmdale, CA
  • Joe Broxmeyer / EMEA JR/SR Softball Region in Germany
  • Bob Morrison / EMEA JR/SR Softball Region in Germany


Regards to all,

Sam McDonald , CA-24
District Umpire Consultant


DATE:            October 6, 2008

Chris White, District Administrator and I would like to thank all of you for the  EXCELLENT job you did during District All-Stars , Sectionl and Division. Most of the Crew Chiefs had 3-4 umpires at every game.  If you didn’t receive your  5-year, your 10-year, and/or your 15-year pin, please let me know.  This year, we will be giving a few 20-year,and 25-year pins out !!!  

If you have not received your light blue District 24 umpire shirt, your crew cheif has them.  In order to receive a District 24 umpire shirt, a combination of SIX District All-Star, Section, and/or Division games had to be done. Next  year, as our sponsors, we have Diamond Umpires and Best Impressions supporting us with tan District 24 umpire shirts.  Due to the cost involved, no numbers will be placed on the shirts. 

Our umpires, that were selected to participate in the 2008 Tournaments, did our district proud !!! Congratulations to the following umpires:

  • DAN BAMSEY/Majors Softball World Series in Portland,OR
  • JOEY BROXMEYER/ Major Softball Regional in Vancouver, WA
  • BOB MORRISON/ BIG LEAGUE Softball Regional in Palmdale,CA
  • ART VALDEZ/BIG LEAGUE Baseball Regional in D2 , WA
  • SAM MCDONALD/ EMEA Softball Regional’s in Germany
  • BOB MORRISON / EMEA Softball Regional’s in Germany
BIG LEAGUE UMPIRES.... we haven’t forgot about your jackets.  They will be given out at President's dinner, which will be held in January/2009.

Thanks again for all the support and I hope to see you out on the field this year. See you at Annual Umpires Luncheon in June/ soon as we have the details, they will be posted on the District website   

Regards to all,



DATE:                 January 4, 2008 

FROM:                 Sam McDonald, CA-24 Umpire Consultant                               

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