District 10: Coaches Corner

Friday, September 28
Welcome to our new District 10 Coaches Corner

 We encourage all managers and coaches to follow the links at the bottom of this page. They will take you to a fantastic series of video training aids for all divisions and age groups. These videos will provide coaches tips and techniques for running practices as well as dozens of instructional videos to assist with your teaching players the correct fundamentals of baseball.

These videos are located on the Little League International website. Once there you will be asked to register with a user name and password. There is no charge for viewing these videos.

Our Coaches Corner will provide you current articles and resources. You may also visit the Little League Coaches Resource Center directly through our  LL Coaches Training tab on our menu or just click this link http://www.littleleaguecoach.org/  . The Coaches Resource Center also has a Coaches Toolkit with additional resources which will be mailed directly to you. There is a nominal fee, $30, for the toolkit which contains the following materials:

Better Coaches. Better Games. Better Leagues. Managers and coaches are among the most important volunteers in the Little League program. They have to know the game and they have to love working with kids. Leagues with knowledgeable, caring and concerned coaches have an advantage when it comes to making the games fun and retaining players.

That’s why Little League International created The Coaches Toolkit. The toolkit gives coaches exclusive tools and resources to prepare them for the job of putting the Little League program into action. Baseball and softball specific packages may include:

  • Rulebooks
  • E-Rules (Downloadable)
  • DVD Training Material
  • Coach and Manager Training Manuals
  • Deep discounts on items purchased through the Little League Online Store (good until 7/31/12)
  • And much more!

All that you need to improve your coaching ability, to reach the players you’re coaching, and to make the league a great place for children and parents alike for only $30.00.

Friday, September 28
Little League, SKLZ Team to Film Series of Instructional Videos