Carlisle High School Boy's Lacrosse: Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct and Athletic Eligibility

Interscholastic activities are an extension of the educational experience that a school may choose to offer. Therefore, participation is voluntary and is a privilege. Those who choose or are chosen as a matter of due process, must be aware of the “Code of Conduct” for the Carlisle Area School District Interscholastic program, and each participant is required to operate within the framework of the rules and regulations.

A        Athletes are students first and foremost and will be treated and disciplined as such.
The following conduct shall constitute grounds for EXPULSION from participation or practice in any form in interscholastic competitions during that particular season, which such conduct occurs on or off school property.

1        Use of violence, force, coercion, threat, intimidation, or similar conduct in a manner that constitutes a substantial interference with school purposes
2        2. Causing or attempting to cause substantial damage to school property, stealing or attempting to steal private, school or visiting school property.
3        Causing or attempting to cause physical injury to a school employee or to any students. Physical injury caused by accident, self-defense, or other action undertaken on the reasonable belief it was necessary to protect some other person shall not constitute a violation.
4        Threatening or intimidating any student for the purpose of, or with the intent of, obtaining money or anything of value from such student
5        Knowingly possessing, handling, or transporting any object or material that is ordinarily or generally considered a weapon
6        Using, possessing, selling, delivering, and/or consuming of smoking tobacco, snuff, narcotics, dangerous drugs, marijuana, alcoholic beverages, or drug paraphernalia
7        Using abusive language, obscene gestures, or willful indecent exposure
8        Engaging in any other activity forbidden by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania which constitutes a danger to other students or interferes with school purpose

B        In the case of an alleged infraction of the rules and regulations, (which may occur in or out of practice/game time) the participant may be expelled from participation, and practice in the interscholastic program. In these cases, the DUE PROCESS procedure will be as followed:

1        If an alleged infraction occurs, the coach shall make an investigation of the alleged conduct or violation and determine if a suspension is necessary and notify both the Athletic Director and the Principal.
2        If after the above, a determination is made to suspend the participant, the suspension shall take effect immediately. The coach shall give written notice to the participant, the Athletic Director and Principal and maintain a copy for the coach’s file.
3        Before any expulsion shall take effect, the participant may request in writing a hearing concerning this matter. Such hearing shall be held before the Administrative Review Committee (Principal, Supervising Principal, Associate Principal, Athletic Director and Grade Level Vice Principal). (Faculty Manager may be delegated to meet a quorum of three). If desired by the participant, witnesses on behalf of the student to present any relevant evidence. The conclusion of the Review Committee shall be mailed to the participant and his/her family within five days.
4        If a participant, the parent or guardian is not satisfied with the determination of the above hearing, another hearing may be requested before the Superintendent of Schools. The hearing must be requested in writing which must be delivered to the Superintendent within five school days of receiving the decision of the Review Committee.
5        If a hearing is requested it shall be held within ten days of the request and a notice of the time and place of hearing will be given to the student, parent or guardian and the appropriate staff members within five days of receiving the request.
6        If a participant, the parent or guardian are not satisfied with the determination of the Superintendent, a hearing may be requested before the Athletic Committee of the School Board.
7        If a hearing is requested, it shall be held within ten days of the request and a notice of the time and place of the hearing will be given to the student and parents or guardians and the appropriate staff member within five days of receiving the request.
8        Once an expulsion process has been initiated, the athlete will not be permitted any participation in that sport unless the recommendation for expulsion is denied at some level of appeal.
9        Students expelled from a team shall not receive any school awards or recognition.

To be eligible for interscholastic athletic competition, students must pursue a curriculum defined and approved by the principal as a full time curriculum. Where required, this curriculum or its equivalent must be approved by, and conform to, the regulations of the State Board of Education and the Pennsylvania School Code, as well as any local policies established by the local school board. Students must be passing at least five major subjects. In addition, students who are carrying two (2) minor subjects must be passing at least one of these subjects. The minor subjects are physical education, health & family living, senior health, and safety education (all other subjects are classified as major subjects).   It is our intent to keep students eligible by helping them stay on track with graduation requirements.   
Eligibility shall be cumulative from the beginning of a grading period, and shall be reported on a weekly basis. Athletic eligibility is checked every Friday. Students who are not passing five (5) major subjects, and/or who are failing more than one minor subject, shall be ineligible from the following Sunday through Saturday.

In order to be eligible for interscholastic athletics, students must have passed at least five full credit subjects, or the equivalent, during the previous grading period.
Back work may be made up, providing it is in accordance with the regular rules of the school.

In cases where a student's work in any preceding grading period does not meet the standards provided for in Section II of the PIAA regulations, said student shall be ineligible to participate in interscholastic athletics for fifteen (15) school days of the next grading period, beginning on the first day report cards are issued, except as provided in Section V of the PIAA regulations (addressing exceptions to this provision).
The first day of a new marking period student-athletes will have ten (10) days to achieve passing grades. If on the Friday following the 10th day, the athletic director checks the student grades and any students are not meeting the eligibility criteria stated in Section I, then students are ineligible to participate for five (5) school days (Sunday through Saturday) and the weekly checks start again.

SECTION D New Pupils Must Meet Eligibility Requirements on Curriculum
Students, who are enrolled for the first time, must comply with the curriculum requirements. The standards required for the preceding week, the preceding grading period or the preceding year shall be obtained from the records of the last school which the students attended.

SECTION E Use of Final Credits at End of School Year
At the end of the school year, the student's final credits in his/her subjects rather that his/her grades for the last grading period shall be used to determine his/her eligibility for the beginning of the new school year.

NOTE 1: Students who are absent from school or who report to school after 10:30 AM will not be allowed to participate or practice for an activity on that day unless special permission is granted by the building principal (applies to all activities).

NOTE 2: Eligibility standards will be explained to students who participate in extracurricular activities by the coaches or advisors involves.

Academic Performance

A        Academically eligible student-athlete
1        A student is deemed academically eligible as long as the student-athlete is passing five major credits at any given time.
2        Coaches will receive weekly lists of student-athletes that are failing any classes so that coaches can help the athletes get any necessary academic help.

B        Guidelines for an Ineligible Student Athlete
1        Students must be passing five major classes at any given time.
2        Students who do not meet eligibility requirements on a weekly report will be declared ineligible for five (5) school days.
3        Students who do not meet eligibility requirements on their report card will be declared ineligible for fifteen (15) school days beginning on the date report cards are issued.
4        Coaches have the discretion as to whether ineligible students can practice during the term of ineligibility.
5        Students may not be dismissed early from school to attend any games or meets and can not dress for competition during the period of ineligibility.
6        The SECOND time students are declared ineligible during the same season, the athlete will not be allowed to practice but will be required to receive extra academic help as part of the S.L.A.S.H. program or as organized by the coach, parents/guardians, and teacher(s).
7        The THIRD time students are declared ineligible during the same season; the athlete will be removed from the team.