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Brigham Young University Hockey
Since 1967 Brigham Young University Hockey
BYU Hockey News - Now an Officially Recognized Sport at BYU

BYU Hockey is excited to announce the launch of a new website to help represent the "new era" of BYU Hockey which is beginning this year.  If you arrived here by typing in or please change your bookmarks to as that is our official web address.
BYU 2008/2009 Tentative Schedule
Upcoming Games
Date Day Time Opponent Location W/L Score
Sept. 12 Sat 6:00 pm Exhibition Game (Blue/White) Provo    
Sept. 13 Sat 7:00 pm Exhibition Game (Chadders AAA) Provo    
Sept. 19 Fri 6:00 pm Exhibition Game (Blue/White) Provo    
Sept. 27 Sat 8:00 pm Utah State Logan    
Oct. 13 Fri
8:00 pm
Utah SLC    

Click here to view the complete 2008/2009 schedule


BYU Hockey News

Photo by Geoffrey McAllister
Team captain James Burkart
Sunday, June 1, 2008 The BYU hockey program has appointed a new head coach and two new assistant coaches.  We are glad to have them as part of the team for the upcoming season.
Monday, March 10, 2008 Monday, March 10, 2008
BYU NewsNet: BYU hockey players taught game skills to kids with Down syndrome Saturday morning, doing various drills and activities.
Monday, March 10, 2008
BYU NewsNet: The BYU hockey team ended their season with the biggest margin of victory over Utah this season 17-3.
Friday, March 7, 2008
BYU NewsNet: The BYU hockey team will end its season this weekend with the final game tonight, as the Cougars play Utah for the last time this season.
Thursday, March 6, 2008
Deseret News: BYU struggled against Utah Valley State this weekend and suffered a 7-3 loss at the hands of the Wolverines. (Scroll down to Hockey section of the article.)
Monday, March 3, 2008
BYU NewsNet: With the biggest crowd of the year, BYU lost to Utah Valley 7-3.
Friday January 18, 2008
flickr mark6mauno's photos: Check out these great photos of the game between BYU and Long Beach State on Jan 18, 2008.

BYU Hockey Game Information
BYU Hockey Games - 2007/2008
Oct 12 Fri 8:30 pm Long Beach State
Provo Win 3-2
Oct 13 Sat 8:30 pm Utah Provo Win 11-4
Oct 19 Fri 8:30 pm Utah Valley Provo Tie 4-4
Nov 2 Fri 8:30 pm Rexburg Bulldogs (Exhibition Game)
Provo Win 17-2
Nov 3 Sat 8:00 pm Utah State Logan OT Loss 2-3
Nov 9 Fri
9:00 pm
Northern Colorado Greeley, CO
Loss 2-8
Nov 10 Sat
7:00 pm
Metro State Littleton, CO
Win 9-0
Nov 16 Fri
6:00 pm
Las Vegas, NV
Win 5-1
Nov 17 Sat
6:00 pm
Las Vegas, NV
Win 6-4
Nov 23 Fri
7:00 pm Utah
Salt Lake City Win 7-2
Nov 30 Fri 8:30 pm Utah State
Provo Win 4-2
Dec 1 Sat
8:00 pm Utah State
Logan Loss 2-6
Dec 7 Fri 9:00 pm Utah Provo Win 13-3
Dec 8 Sat
8:30 pm
Utah Salt Lake City Win 11-3
Dec 14 Fri 8:00 pm Utah State
Provo Win 7-5
Jan 11 Fri 8:30 pm Utah State
Provo Loss 3-5
Jan 12 Sat 8:30 pm Weber (DI)
Provo Win
Jan 17 Thu
9:30 pm
Loyola Marymount Harbor City, CA Win 9-3
Jan 18 Fri
9:15 pm
Long Beach State Lakewood, CA Tie 2-2
Jan 19 Sat
7:30 pm
Long Beach State Lakewood, CA Loss 1-4
Jan 25 Fri 8:30 pm Eastern Washington
Provo Loss 3-9
Jan 26 Sat
8:15 pm
Weber (DI) Ogden Win
Feb 2 Sat 8:30 pm Colorado
Provo Loss
Feb 8 Fri
8:00 pm Utah State
Logan Loss
Feb 9 Sat 8:30 pm Utah
Provo Win
Feb 16 Sat
8:30 pm Utah
Salt Lake City Win
Feb 22 Fri   ACHA Western Regionals:
BYU vs Denver
Oakland, CA Loss
Feb 23 Sat
  ACHA Western Regionals:
BYU vs Utah Valley
Oakland, CA Loss
Feb 29 Fri
8:30 pm Utah Valley Provo Loss
Mar 7 Fri 8:30 pm Utah
Provo Win
Mar 8 Sat

8:30 pm

Metro State (forfeit)

Provo Win Forfeit
Home Game Ticket Prices
Adults $7
Students $5
Seniors 65+ $5
Children under 6 Free
Group discounts available. Contact Becky Burkart for ticket inquiries: or 816-286-7436.
BYU Hockey Record
Season Win Loss Tie OT Loss
2007-2008 18 10
2 1
2006-2007 18 12 1 1
2005-2006 12 13 1 6
2004-2005 14 9 2 0
2003-2004 14 11 0 2
2002-2003 15 12 1 1
2001-2002 8 8 1 0
2000-2001 2 20 1 0

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Remembering Jaxon Logan

Jaxon K. Logan
Jaxon K. Logan
Jaxon Logan, our teammate, friend, and brother tragically died during a BYU Hockey game on January 21, 2005. We continue to honor Jaxon's memory.

Even though Jaxon has left us, he continues to be a member of the BYU Hockey team. Along with his family, we miss Jaxon very much and look forward to the future glorious day when we will see him again.
Come and see BYU Hockey in action!

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