Byron Nelson High School Boys Soccer: Coach's Page

Coach Putter
Friday, November 9
Bobcats Boys Soccer to be Led by Experience

Howard Putter will lead the Bobcats soccer program at Byron Nelson.

Howard Putter’s coaching career spans more than two decades and three different schools, and as the new Byron Nelson boys soccer coach, Putter is optimistic about what the Bobcats program can become.

Coach Putter most recently coached at Fossil Ridge High School in Keller and said the Byron Nelson position appealed to him for a couple of reasons.

"One thing is it’s about half as far as where I was driving before," Putter said. "My kids are getting older, and they are going to school in Carrollton, so this gives me the opportunity to see them do some things."

Putter was the coach at Fossil Ridge for the last 14 years, Keller High School for three years and El Paso High School for seven years.

Putter’s teams have been impressive along the way.

"This will be my 24th year of coaching soccer as a head coach, with 22 years in varsity competition, and I’ve started two new high schools," Putter said. " My teams have made the playoffs in 21 out of 22 years, and my 1988 El Paso High team got to the final four in the state."

Putter said there are certain qualities he looks for in his players, as well.

"I look for kids that are good students and do what they are supposed to do in the classroom," Putter said. "I also look for kids that are willing to work hard, and do the best they can."