Byron Nelson High School Boys Soccer: Flocking

Thursday, November 8

  1.  Flocking Director - Coordinate the flocking schedule. 

  2.  Volunteers -  People willing to dress in black or camoflauge and creep around at night planting Pink Flamingo's in the yards of unsuspecting people.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact us at:
 As one of our major fundraisers, we have two flocks of flamingos that are waiting to roost in North Texas yards.   

When you join the boosters, you can purchase an "Anti-flocking Insurance Policy" for a mere $15. This will insure the flamingos don't find their way into your yard at all.  However, No policy means the potential for the birds to locate in your yard begins to INCREASE.   If you have a soccer player, and don't join the booster club, the odds increase exponentially!!

This year we would like to expand our flocking fundraising opportunites, but we will need your assistance.  We would like to be able to have our flocks roost in the yards of family members / friends, for birthday surprises, or any other celebration.    Contact us for details at