Brandywine Youth Lacrosse Club: Welcome

Thursday, October 30

Registration is OPEN for 2015!!!


We thought it would be a great idea 

to open registration early this year 

and give parents a longer opportunity

to take advantage of the early bird special! 


The $100.00 Early bird special has begun!

Registration and/or equipment to play

would be a terrific gift idea

for birthdays or special occasions!!!


All Players and Coaches must be registered members

of US LACROSSE before registering

                      for Brandywine Youth Lacrosse Club.

Step 1. Register at
for your US Lacrosse Membership

Step 2. Write down your US Lacrosse member number to register for the Brandywine Lacrosse Club

Step 3. Return to to register for the team

Step 4. If you have already joined US Lacrosse, Click the REGISTER button above and let's get STARTED!



January 1 through February 1, 2015 is Early registration and the cost is $115 

February 1 through April = Regular registration amd the cost is $125

If necessary, the deadline for refund requests is April 1, 2015. 

Friday, October 31
Brandywine Youth Lacrosse Club

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