Blue Water Soccer Club U16: Futsal

Wednesday, December 6
Brazilian Futsal

Blue Water Lakers Lightning will be teaming up to offer players the opportunity to develop their soccer skills playing Futsal. Futsal is a five-aside indoor soccer game that began in South America and has taken the world by storm. Popularized by Brazilian football players, like Roldinho and Ronaldo, futsal is a game of skill that naturally develops a players first touch and ability to dribble the ball.   See the calendar for upcoming dates.

FOR A RAINY DAY: A brief history of futsal
The first record of an organised five-a-side brand of football dates back to 1930 in Montevideo, Uruguay. The same year the pioneering football nation hosted the first FIFA World Cup™ at its brand-new Estadio Centenario, an Argentine-born coach by the name of Juan Carlos Ceriani, so tired of rain-soaked pitches and cancelled training sessions, brought the game indoors for the first time.With an eye to making his new indoor game more accessible, but also more organized, he put together a set of rules strikingly similar to those that govern futsal today. The children of Montevideo took to the small-sided game with aplomb, and it was played in YMCA houses throughout the capital. The hybrid version was perfectly suited to either outdoor or indoor venues, as all that was needed was a small, basketball-size court.