Coach Pitch (1st/2nd grades): Welcome

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1.                  The bases will be 60’ in length with a pitching distance of 35’.

2.                  Games will be 5 innings in length or 90 minutes in time.

3.                  Coaches will pitch to their respective teams during game play.

4.                  COACHES AS PITCHERS: Coaches may pitch overhand or underhand to their team. A batter will bat until they hit a fair or playable ball. Batters that struggle to hit a pitched ball should be offered a soft toss from the side of the batter. Defensive teams will want to position a player near the pitching area to field that spot.

5.                  All base runners and batters will be required to wear helmets during game play.

6.                  Base runners may not leave the base until the pitched ball is hit by the batter. No stealing or advancing on passed balls is allowed.

7.                  Defensive teams will position their players in the field at defensive spots. No fielders will be positioned closer than the pitching distance prior to a batted ball. Fielders should be positioned in designated defensive positions (i.e. SS, 2B, CF, 1B).

8.                  Players may use their own bat. NO BIG BARRELLED BATS ALLOWED.

9.                  3 outs or batting 9 batters will constitute an inning. During game play, coaches may want to bat 9 per inning and eliminate the 3 out rule during the early part of the game schedule to allow for equal opportunity and player development. This should be decided by coaches of both teams prior to the start of the game.

10.              Sliding is not required but should be considered as a teachable item during practice.

11.              Sportsmanship is a major emphasis and will be enforced. During play, there will be no taunting opponents or teammates, throwing of equipment, abusive or disrespectful language, baiting base runners or faking tags, or any other action contrary to good sportsmanship. Coaches must enforce this by dealing with anyone caught in this situation.

12.              At the conclusion of game play, players from both teams should line up and shake hands to promote mutual respect and sportsmanship.

 RAIN OUTS OR POSTPONEMENT OF PRACTICE OR GAME PLAY: The director will notify the head coaches no later than 5:00 p.m. on the day of the practice or game. Coaches will be required to contact their respective team players to notify them and remind them of the next meeting.  You may have to call off or shorten practice or game play at your discretion.