T-ball (PK/K): Welcome

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1.                  Bases will be 60’ in length.

2.                  Games will be 5 innings or 60 – 75 minutes in length.

3.                  All batters and base runners are required to wear helmets.

4.                  A live ball is batted off the tee and travels beyond 10’. Coaches may assist batters needing help.

5.                  Base runners must stay on the base they occupy until the ball is batted. There is no leading off of the base or stealing bases. Base runners may advance only on batted balls.

6.                  All team members will be positioned on the field when their team is on defense. Players should be positioned in such a way to maintain a safe distance from each other and a batted ball. Catchers are not required at this level. Players may not be positioned closer than the little league pitching distance of 46’, and may not advance toward the batter until the ball is batted off of the tee.

7.                  All rules designated for outs can be used with the exception of strikeouts or the infield fly rule. These rules can be implemented at the coaches discretion during game play.

8.                  During game play, keep fielders off the bases and out of the baselines unless they are fielding a batted ball or making a play on a base runner.

9.                  During game play, each player should have the chance to run the bases. If a player is consistently put out, count the out but allow the player to become a base runner.

10.              Batting teams will get 3 outs or bat 9 batters, which ever comes first. Coaches may choose to eliminate the 3 out rule if they so choose.

11.              Enforce sportsmanlike behavior and constantly be aware of safety.

12.              At the conclusion of game play, teams should line up and shake hands. This has not been consistent with all teams in the past and has been a point emphasized by many parents.

 RAIN OUTS OR POSTPONEMENT OF PRACTICES OR GAMES: Coaches will be notified by the director no later than 5:00 p.m. on the day of a practice or game if it is to be cancelled, postponed or rescheduled. Coaches will be required to contact their team members if this occurs. Weather conditions change rapidly in this area. You may have to call off or shorten practice or game play at your discretion.