Bay Village Lacrosse: Welcome

Bay Village High Lacrosse

Thank you Jacqueline Stang and Coach McArn for your wonderful pictures....



The 5th year of

Bay Lacrosse

Bay Lacrosse 2010

Bay finished with a record of 9-6 overall in its first varsity season. The coaches and players grew nicely as a unit thru out the year and gained consistency every week. A great season We can expect even a better season coming up! 

Way to Go Bay!!!


 Bay Middle School Lacrosse

This year is also the  fourth year for the Middle School Team and its program started and run by Coach Voll. Coach Voll is a past Bay High graduate who has devoted a huge amount of time and effort to the task of developing and training student athletes in the skills of lacrosse at the BMS. This will actually be the 2nd year where incoming Bay High Freshmen will have had such training. Thank you Coach Voll and all the parents who work with you. This is the groundwork for future victories by the Bay High Lacrosse program and the work is showing result already

Bay 5th 6th Grade Lacrosse

The First Year of This Program

This is how a sports program becomes truly "ingrained" in a community. The training time for when young athletes learn their skills goes back further and further. This is the first year of a 5th 6th grade team in Bay. Coach Craig McArn is now volunteering a large part of his family time to start our lacrosse players at a younger age. Coach McCarn's primary job will be stick handling skills and spatial concepts mixed with actual game expierence for his young players