Barons Baseball Club: Wish List

Wednesday, April 24
Covered Hitting Area

hitting clipart
If we build it...

First the Barons softball team built a covered area for hitting,  now the Eastlake Titans baseball has the same. Poway High School has had one for ten years now and Torrey Pines is building a 6 tunnel cage. So one can ask;

Why not Bonita Vista High School baseball?

We need the funds raised; we need the plans submitted and approved; we need the materials; and we need the labor.  Our area is roughly 70 feet by 50 feet and half the area is at two different levels.

Let's get this done!

Wednesday, April 24
Renew the bullpen area up the left field line

baseball pitcher gif

In our bullpen we need to lay concrete and cover with turf the area occupied by the catchers.

We need the materials; we need the building plans; we need the labor.

-- What about covering this area?


Wednesday, April 24
Fence it in!


It is our great wish to enclose the facility from dugout to dugout around the concreted area of the stands.

 This improvement creates an "at home" feel to the facility, it also creates a more secure environment.  We could generate some funds during the summer and fall seasons for tournaments as well.

This is part 1 of a plan to create a stadium-like feel at the ball park.