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Monday, April 24
Playing the Game of Baseball
Stay Gold!
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The document called 'Playing the Game' will help players with their mental preparation.
Handout: Winning Baseball With Honor

Wednesday, June 25
Increase your bat speed

Video replays of drills to improve your bat speed.

Thursday, February 19
Jaeger Sports in the News -- Off Season Throwing Program
Alan Jaeger's published article in Collegiate Baseball News about his thoughts on an off-season throwing program.

Collegiate Baseball

Monday, April 5
Long Toss Program
The linked article originally published in the Collegiate Magazine in 1999.

Thursday, August 7
The Importance of the J-Bands
Do You Use It?

The arm is the most important tool for every ball player. 21st century technology has revolutionized the arm prep for action (practices and games). Today's players are smart to make the "pre-hab" workout a part of their everyday prep. Its better to pre-hab than it is to re-hab on the disbaled list. Barons Baseball legend Joel Zumaya adopted and endorces the Jaeger methods.

Baseball trainer Alan Jaeger explains how to build arm health, strength, velocity, endurance and improved recovery period through the Jaeger Sports throwing program. This video addresses the main ingredients to the program including arm circles, a workout with J-Bands surgical tubing, long toss throwing and post-throwing conditioning.

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Copyright 2008, Jaeger Sports

Surgical tubing is available for purchase through coach Gervais ($25) or from the Jaeger Sports web site.

Saturday, January 5
How to get the Scouts to Notice you


Thursday, August 17
Stay Golden with Good Sportsmanship

Wednesday, June 16
Herctor Montes drafted by the Rays in the 47th Round

Hector Montes
Ray of Sunshine

Hector Montes (BVH -2010) realized a dream on June 9, 2010 when the Tampa Bay Rays made him one of their selctions during the MLB Amateur Draft.

Hector has decided to play for Southwestern College for the 2011 season. The Rays late round draft pick negotiated all summer long before concluding his best opportunity lies at home. The Rays loss is Southwestern College's major gain.

Wednesday, November 12
Recruiting Questions

  • Q: What do college coaches look ...

    Thursday, November 13
    A List of NAIA Conferences and Schools

    Thursday, November 13
    NCAA School and Conference Athletic Web Sites
    Sunday, June 21
    HS Recruiting Timeline -- Homework for parent's and player's
    Click on the headline above to goto the High School Baseball Web Site for listed timelines for parents and player's to get the word out to colleges and universities.

    Monday, July 13
    Paul Reddick answers some recruiting questions
    Watch and listen to Coach Reddick answer FAQs regarding college recruitment:

    Tuesday, August 18