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Web Ball Web Site
Long Toss Program Description
Alan Jaeger lists out the technical nuances to the long toss program.

Baseball Strength
Transforming the potential of elite baseball players to be better than the best!

NCAA Compliance Info
Homepage for NCAA rules and bylaws, player eligibility and conduct, committees and compliance.

Hitting Truisms and Fallacies

Rethinking Old Baseball Hitting Theories:

Become a student of the game; Read as much as you can about the inner workings of the sport.

The Complete Pitcher
complete pitcher

A site for the pitcher that wants to be a student of the game.

University of San Diego Baseball Camps
A local option for baseball instruction from a college coaching staff.
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Stack Magazine Web Site
Garciaparra's Medicine Ball Workout

College Baseball Camps
A list of college baseball programs that offer camps for high school level players.
college camps

Poem read by author David Bottoms
This link has the video and audio of the author of "Sign for my father , who stressed the bunt".
It is a fantastic poem!

Prospective Student-Athlete Database
A starting-off place for college recognition of High School athletes.

AAU Sports
The Amateur Athletic Union sanctions events and provides liability insurance for club teams.
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Outrageous! Field of Screams
Parents Having Tantrums Over Their Kids' Sports: Teaching Terrible ...

By Michael Crowley in Reader's Digest - October 2007

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Bonita Vista High School
Just in case there's something going on on campus besides baseball.

Get today's MLB scores here
Get the box scores for completed games and follow games in progress pitch-by-pitch.

Chula Vista, CA
Community stuff.
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If you'd like directions to another school from a starting point that we all know.

Max Preps
The most information anywhere about High School sports throughout the U.S.A.
Max Preps

Reader's Digest -- The Home Team
Selected baseball related article. Reminds us to use our imagination (vision) to improve our game. As players reach their teens, they stop visualizing. Those that continue to visualize often get the feeling of de ja vue when the real game is on the line.
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Tips on breaking in a new glove.
Reader's Digest lists for easy home remedies to get your glove game ready.