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Bux Mont American Legion Baseball League



The Bux Mont American Legion Baseball League consists of eleven franchises in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, playing under the auspices of Pennsylvania American Legion Baseball.

The League is a member of Pennsylvania's Region 2, which also encompasses the Berks County, Schuylkill County, Lehigh County, and Northampton County Leagues. Each year, the Bux Mont League's tournament champion goes forward to compete in the eight-team Region 2 tournament, whose winner then competes for the state title.

Players usually range in age from 16 to 19, with most having completed their junior or senior years in high school or freshman or sophomore years in college. Players may not reach their twentieth birthday during the current calendar year ... there is no minimum age.

The League is governed by the eleven member clubs' representatives, as well as elected officers and a five-person Baseball Commission.

Saturday, July 12
Playoff Start

Frist Round  round complete

Nor-Gwyn wins over Quakertown  11-1

Warrington wins over Pottstown   3-2

Pennridge wins over Perkiomen  2-1

Hatfield wins over Plumsteadville 5-2

Second Round complete

Hatfield wins over Nor- Gwyn  7 - 0

Pennridge wins over Warrington 5-2

Perkiomen wins over Pottstown  4-3

Quakertown wins over Plumsteadville 10-1

Thrid Round almost Complete

 Quakkertown wins over Warrington 5-1

Nor - Gwyn wins over Perkiomen 12-6

Hatfield wins over Pennridge 

Forth Round Sunday

Quakertown wins over Hatfield 7-2 

 Nor- Gwyn  wins over Pennridge7-6

Final Round Tuesday

Quakertown wins over Nor-Gwyn 12 - 5

Final Game winner goes to Region 2 Playoffs with Nor - Gwyn winner of the Bux Mont League

 Quakertown vs Hatfield at 7:00

Monday, March 10
Schedule Done

Hello Everyone,

 The 2014 schedule is on the web site please check your games an let me now if ant changes need to be done

Thursday, January 30
Season to Start

Season to start May 21st Roster Meeting May 19 at 7:00 P.M.

Tuesday, July 30
2013 Bux- Mont All League Team


2013 Bux-Mont All League Team 

First Team

Player                                              Position                                              Team


John Santoianni                               First base                                            Souderton

Scott Giuliano                                  Second Base                                      Souderton

Adam Regensburg                          Third Base                                         Pottstown

Ryan Grzywacz                                Shortstop                                           Souderton

Ben Hauser                                       Catcher     (tie)                                  Plumstead

John Mullin                                      Catcher    (tie)                                    Doylestown

Mike Kacergis                                  Catcher   (tie)                                    Pennridge

Zack Davis                                        Utility Player                                     Pottstown

Dan Shane                                        Outfielder                                           Pennridge

Seth Regensburg                             Outfielder                                           Pottstown

Andrew Check                                  Outfielder                                          Doylestown

Seth Regensburg                              Pitcher                                               Pottstown

Dan O’Hara                                        Pitcher                                               Souderton


Second Team


Jake Gordon                                       First Base                                          Pennridge

A.J.Molettiere                                    Second Base                                      Pennridge

Ben Schweitzer                                  Third Base                                         Pennridge

Chris Kersey                                      Shortstop                                            Nor- Gwyn

Pat Hasson                                         Utility Player                                      Nor- Gwyn

Vince Careghini                                 Outfielder                                           Plumstead

Brady West                                        Outfielder                                           Hatfield

Kyle Wenger                                      Outfielder                                          Souderton

Robert Welhaf                                    Pitcher                                                Plumstead

Even Myers                                        Pitcher                                                Pennridge

Honorable Mention


Clay Sebesky                                      First Base                                           Doylestown

James Mullen                                      Second Base                                       Pottstown

Robert Welhaf                                    Third Base                                          Plumstead

Jake Morris                                         Shortstop                                            Hatfield

A.J.Molettiere                                     Utility Player   (tie)                            Pennridge

Andrew Check                                    Utility Player    (tie)                           Doylestown

Pat Carney                                           Utility Player    (tie)                           Hatfield

Brandon Birkhead                               Outfielder                                           Plumstead

Mason Nadeau                                    Outfielder                                           Nor- Gwyn

Ryan Clow                                            Outfielder                                           Doylestown

Brian Maher                                          Pitcher                                               Nor- Gwyn

Bryce Mengel                                       Pitcher                                              Hatfield


2013 Bux- Mont Player Of The Year



Monday, July 29
Region 2 Finals


Twin Valley defeats Boyertown in the Finals of Region 2 Tournament 5-3 Both teams move on to the Pa State Tounament in Boyertown Starting Tuesday

Saturday, July 20
Region 2 Tournament

Hello Everyone

Saturday Games

First round of Regionals  Oley wins over North Parkland 5-0 Nazareth wins over Salisbury 4-3 and Twin Valley wins in 11 innings 9-6 over Easton and Boyertown over Pottstown 11-1 im 7 Inings 

Games for Sunday North Parkland vs Easton, Salisbury vs Pottstown, Oley vsTwin Valley Nazareth vs Boyertown

North Parl;and winner over Easton 13 - 3 7 Inings Pottstown winner over Salisbury 7-6 11 Inings Twin Valley winner over Oley 10-0 and Boyertown winner over Nazareth 11-2

Sets up Monday's Games North Parkland vs Nazareth, Pottstown vs Oley and the winner brackets finals is Twin Valley vs Boyertown

Tuesday, July 16
Updated Playoff Schedule

Congratualtions to POTTSTOWN with winning both the League and the Tournament Championship

Game 14 Plumstead won 4-1 over Pennridge

Game 15 seen Pottstown come back to beat Plumstead 7-5 to win the Championship the first since 2003 and the First League Championship since 1995.

They will now move on to the Region 2 Tournament starting Saturday in Boyertown and face the Lehigh Champion North Parkland

Down to Three With a great come back Pennridge KO Hatfield 7-5 with  6 runs in the bottom of the 8th ining

And Plumstead drops Pottstown 6-2 with a great Pitching job from Plumstead

To set up Tuesdays  Playoff Games at Quakertown Stadium are as follows Home teams first

PENNRIDGE vs Plumstead at 4:00

POTTSTOWN vs The winner of the first game at 7:00

With the winner take all to move on to Region 2 Tourmament next week at Boyertown


And there are Four Teams left after Sundays games

Plumstead over Nor - Gwyn 3 -0, Pennridge over Doylestown 9-2 and Pottstown over Hatfield 8-5

 Mondays 7/15 Playoff Games at Quakertown Stadium are as follows Home teams first

Game (12) PENNRIDGE Vs. Hatfield at 4:00

Game (13) POTTSTOWN Vs Plumstead 7:00

Game times for Tuesday 7/16 Games ( 14 and 15) will be 4: and 7: if needed


Sunday 7/14 playoff schedule at Quakertown Stadium...times are as follows with HOME team first:

Game #9 - 12:00PM - PLUMSTEAD vs Nor Gwyn

Game # 10 - 3:30PM - PENNRIDGE vs Doylestown

Game #11 - 7:00PM - POTTSTOWN vs Hatfield

Saturday's Results:

Game #5 - Nor Gwyn 4   Warrington 1

Game #6 - Pennridge 10   Souderton 4 

Game #7 - Pottstown 3  Doylestown 0

Game #8 - Hatfield 1   Plumstead 0

Friday 7/12 Games PPD by rain cont'd to Sat 7/13

Thursday 7/11 Results:

 # 8 Seed Warrington     @ # 1 Seed Pottstown  6:00 PM    (Pottstown 3-0)

# 7 Seed  Hatfield         @ # 2 Seed Pennridge   5:30 PM    (Hatfield 4-0)

# 6 Seed  Plumstead        @# 3 Seed  Souderton   5:30 PM   (Plumstead 4-2)

# 5 Seed  Nor- Gwyn        @ # 4 Seed Doylestown   5:30 PM  (Doylestown 5-4)

Higher Seeds will always be the Home team the whole time of the Tounament  after Thrusday and Friday the games will move to Quakertown with three games on

 Saturday  11:00 AM 3:00 PM AND 7:00 PM

Sunday two games 4:00 and 7:00 PM

Monday one or two games 4:00 and 7:00 if needed                

Sunday, March 24

Hello All Managers,

  Please check the League Schedule is posted and make sure all of your games are correct if not please email me any changes needed Thank You Neil

Saturday, January 26
League Meeting Saturday January 26th

Hello Everyone, 

Just a few notes from todays meeting

Next meeting March 3rd  at 2:00 at Souderton Legion

Umpire Fee Update passed the first proposal

Went over Back ground checks for all  Managers,  Coachs and anyone that would be in the dugouts

Barry  B Werley our Sectional Director will help us with our League until we vote in a new President

Talk of naming some sort of award with Bill Stevens name on ( Player of the Year or Umpire of the League) 

Tuesday, January 8
In Memory of Bill Stevens


 "In Memory of William (Bill) Harris Stevens III
a great Baseball Man, Umpire and Leader" Bux Mont League president from xxxx to 2012.


   COME TO ME                                                                                                      

God saw you were getting tired,
   And a cure was not to be.
 So he put his arms around you
and whispered, "Come to me".

With tearful eyes we watched you,
  And saw you pass away.
 Although we loved you dearly,
  We could not make you stay.

A golden heart stopped beating,
  Hard working hands at rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us
    He only takes the best.       

God saw you were getting tired,
  And a cure was not to be.
 So he put his arms around you
and whispered, "Come to me".

With tearful eyes we watched you,
  And saw you pass away.
 Although we loved you dearly,
  We could not make you stay.

A golden heart stopped beating,
  Hard working hands at rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us
    He only takes the best.


God saw you were getting tired,
   And a cure was not to be.
 So he put his arms around you
and whispered, "Come to me".

With tearful eyes we watched you,
  And saw you pass away.
 Although we loved you dearly,
  We could not make you stay.

A golden heart stopped beating,
  Hard working hands at rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us
    He only takes the best.       

God saw you were getting tired,
  And a cure was not to be.
 So he put his arms around you
and whispered, "Come to me".

With tearful eyes we watched you,
  And saw you pass away.
 Although we loved you dearly,
  We could not make you stay.

A golden heart stopped beating,
  Hard working hands at rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us
    He only takes the best.

Thursday, August 2
Remaining State Tournament Schedule

Today's (August 2) schedule:

11:30 AM ... Milton vs. Wilcox

2:30 PM ... Hempfield East vs. Ephrata

7:30 PM ... Doylestown vs. Spring City

In Wednesday's action:

Game #5 ... Hempfield East def. Penn Hills, 7-3 ... Penn Hills eliminated

Game #6 ... Wilcox def. Boyertown, 2-0 ... Boyertown eliminated

Game #7 ... Doylestown def. Milton, 11-1

Game #8 ... Spring City def. Ephrata, 6-3

Wednesday, August 1
Doylestown Knocks off Milton, 11-1, to Advance

Doylestown "ten-runned" Milton, 11-1, to advance to Game #11 (the "Undefeated Game") vs. neighbor Spring City.  The winner will advance to Game #14, while the loser goes to Game #12 or #13.  The winner of Game #11 is also guaranteed a spot in a national regional tournament next week, at West Lawn or another location outside our national region area.

Wednesday, July 25
Doylestown Tigers Cop Region 2 Title

The Doylestown club took the Region 2 title, with a 5-0 Game #15 win over Bath, after losing Game #14, 5-4, to the same club earlier in the day.  Next comes the State Cchampionship Tournament at Bears Stadium in Boyertown.  Here's the schedule for Tuesday, July 31:

9:30 AM ... Doylestown vs. Hempfield East

1:00 PM ... Ephrata vs. Wilcox

4:00 PM ... Penn Hills vs. Milton

7:00 PM ... Spring City vs. host team Boyertown

Sunday, July 22
Doylestown Advances to Region 2 Game #11, Hatfield Loses, but Still Alive

Doylestown moves to the "Undefeated Game" (Game #11) at the Region 2 Tournament in West Lawn by virtue of a hard-fought, 6-4 over Oley/Topton.  The Tigers next play a very tough Shillington squad at 7:30 PM Monday.

Meanwhile, Hatfield lost to Shillington in extra innings, 6-5.  Hatfield next plays Bath in an elimination game, at 12:30 PM Monday.

The 4:00 PM Monday elimination game features North Parkland and Oley-Topton.  Host West Lawn and Valley View were both eliminated, two straight.

For more complete schedules go to "Calendar" (at left).

Saturday, July 21
Doylestown, Hatfield Both Advance at Region 2

Doylestown defeated Bath, 11-3, while Hatfield knocked off North Parkland, 3-0, on Saturday.  Both teams now advance to the second round in the Winners Bracket ... Doylestown will play either Oley or host West Lawn (time TBD)– Hatfield plays either Shillington or Valley View (4 PM Sunday).

Tuesday, July 17
Doylestown Wins Bux Mont Tourney with Wild Finish

Doylestown took the Mel Wright trophy by defeating Hatfield, 14-13, in a wild finish that saw D'town score six times in the bottom of the ninth inning.  By the this game was played, both clubs had already secured bids to the Region 2 Tournament next week in West Lawn.

Monday, July 16
Hatfield, Doylestown Advance to Final Game(s)

Hatfield defeated Souderton in a 2-1 nail-biter, with both pitchers going the distance. Coupled with Doylestown's win later that evening, Hatfield is guaranteed a slot in the upcoming Region 2 Tournament at West Lawn, July 21-25.

In the other playoff game, Doylestown, which had already secured a bid to the regional tourney, eliminated defending champions Pennridge, 6-5.

Sunday, July 15
Day Four Postponed Until Monday

Due to a gusty thunderstorm that hit Quakertown around 3 PM Sunday, Games #12 and #13 will be played tomorrow (July 16), and Games #14 and #15 will be delayed until Tuesday the 17th.

Saturday, July 14
Plumstead, Pottstown Eliminated ... Four Teams Left

In Bux Mont Tournament action Saturday:

  –  Plumstead fell to defending champion Pennridge

  –  Hatfield eliminated Pottstown

  –  Doylestown won over Souderton

Thursday, July 12
Top Seeds All Winners

#1 Doylestown, #2 Souderton, #3 Pennridge, and #4 Pottstown were all winners in close, low scoring games Thursday night. That means those four clubs will host Winners' Bracket Games 5-8 Friday night, while the four first-round losers – Warrington, Perkiomen, Plumstead, and Hatfield will play second-round games:  Hatfield and Plumstead will be home teams Friday.

See Calendar and Schedules for results and details.

Wednesday, July 11
Playoffs Set to Begin July 12

The 2012 League playoffs are set, with Perkiomen winning a special tie-breaker playoff for eighth place over Nor-Gwyn.  Here's the schedule for Day One:

5:30 ... Perkiomen at Doylestown

5:30 ... Warrington at Souderton

5:30 ... Hatfield at Pennridge

Time TBA ... Plumstead at Pottstown

Doyletown and Souderton are guaranteed second-round home games on Friday; the other two will come from Plumstead, Pottstown, Pennridge, and Hatfield.

Tuesday, July 10
Doylestowm Takes Regular Season Title

Doylestown finished Number One with a final-game victory over the Cannnoneers.  Along with the trophy, the Tigers also take a guaranteed slot in the upcoming Region 2 Tournament at West Lawn (July 21-25).  The other Bux Mont tournament bid will go to the League's tournament winner (tournament runner-up if Doylestown).

Saturday, January 8
Ernie Quatrani Steps Down as Perkiomen Manager

Ernie Quatrani has announced his retirement as head coach of both the Perkiomen American Legion team and the Upper Perkiomen H.S. varsity squad.  A teacher and coach at U.P.H.S. since 1979, Ernie took over the Perkiomen Legion team in 1987 and led it to numerous Bux Mont League tournament appearances and titles in his 24-year stint.

Unbeknownst to many, Ernie also coached the Ardmore Manor Legion team (Main Line/Delaware County League) in the 1970s while still a college student.

Quatrani, who leaves the League as its longest-tenured manager, will continue on as a teacher and Chairman of the English Department at the high school, as well as devoting more time to another passion, writing.

Bux Mont American Legion
Bux Mont American Legion
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