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Butler University Bulldogs Baseball Alumni 1999-2004
Butler University Bulldogs Baseball Alumni 1999-2004:Roster  
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Get Directions to Butler Bulldogs 1999 - 2004Indianapolis Local Weather
Butler Bulldogs 1999 - 2004
Created by Pat Neshek & Paul Beck
Davey Athletic Complex (Bulldog Field)
Indianapolis, Indiana
  Brandon Tormoehlen  

40 Brandon Tormoehlen "Pig Farmer"
Position: C
Profile: Name: Brandon Tormoehlen

Nickname: Hillbilly, The Pig Farmer, T-bone,

Number: 40

Hometown: The giant, thriving metropolis of Crothersville, IN

High School: Brownstown Central High School

Major: Baseball and Hayleigh Hurt

Minor: Secondary Education with focus on math

Movie: The Man From Snowy River 1 & 2; Australian Porn; wait a minute, any porn
in general
TV Show: South Park
Baseball Field: The Late yet Great "River Front Stadium"
Band: Anything Bluegrass, New Country, or Old School Country
Character from Saved by the Bell: Mr. Belding's Wife
Quote: "If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch" and "most hitters
miss a ball when they swing over top it or underneath it"

Nike or Adidas: neither- Ringors or Voit or any Wal-Mart brand

Oakley\rquote s or Easton Flares: neither- Rec-Specs

Marital Status: Not quite as serious as Tim, but I do have a lovely

Class: Mandatory

Number of Dixon Hours Taken: 0, I have three years left, though

Turn ons: Oh, I don't know!! The usual's- coonhunting, nice personality,
beautiful smile, showing pigs, smart, sexy, funny, coonhunting, long legs, nice
"features", intelligent, has all of her teeth, showing pigs, southern accents,
well any accent, just a nice lovable gal, oh! did I mention coonhunting?

Boxer or Briefs: neither, "comando style"

Dream Vacation: a trip home to see Hayleigh Hurt

Favorite Butler Baseball moment: "Hooters", Nance rounding
first, PB's smash, Thanksgiving weekend, everything about Australia

Quote about another member of the Butler Baseball team:
Things I have learned as a freshman on the Butler baseball team:
1. Never piss Nance off during aerobics.
2. Never ask Rex what funeral he has just attended.
3. Tomaszewski and JD have a full collection of mime porn.
4. If baseball doesn't work out for them, Rosen, Bulla, and McGuigan have a good
chance of becoming the next American Idol's.
5. Never make fun of Jared's academic career at Butler.
6. Combined Behning and Miles know every female on the Butler University
7. When Deeb's jaw was broken, he talked exactly like Smitty talks
8. Cheno will make million's of dollars in the furure doing Rogaine
9. Tony is the best basketball player on the team.
10. Steve Gill own's the most expensive glove on the team, just ask 1-9.
11. In the future, I will be related to Dale Mueller and Jason Freeman.
12. Jon Mueller is no Randy McNally!!! Which way to BroadRipple?
13. Olson and McKinley are long lost brothers seperated at birth.
14. Tim Marks is engaged!!!
15. Albert is the great-grandson of Cheif Pennican. Is he Puertorican?
16. Crews is the best dancer on the team.
17. Corey Kugle's secret to his success is his curly hair. Just ask his HOT
18. Bjelland has the biggest leg kick in the game today, pro's and college.
19. Phillips wears capri pants.
20. Steve "Bobby" Johnson has the most "game" out of all the freshman
21. Jeff "Brownie" Brown is the best ping-pong player in the Mid-west.
22. Fair, Feeney, Costello, and Rudolfi never leave Ross Hall; they are always
playing ping-pong in the basement.
23. Clink is the biggest romantic on the team; just ask ever girl at Butler;
Ladies he is still availible. rep the "2" duece!!
24. After Jason's baseball career is over, Comb's will become a "roady" for
25. "Jon "Freestyle" Freeman's favorite music is whatever Michelle has in the CD
Player." info. recieved from an unknown source. JF
26. "The Wink" has switched more schools than A.C. Slater.
27. Paul Beck- what is there to say? he has the most "game" out of the whole
team; loves classical music(Manny Fresh, U2, anything Heavy Metal); voted most
likely to succeed out of Findlay High School; Loves older women; greatest hitter
to wear a Butler baseball uniform except for Tony Hinkle
Butler University Bulldogs Baseball Alumni 1999-2004
Butler University Bulldogs Baseball Alumni 1999-2004
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