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Butler University Bulldogs Baseball Alumni 1999-2004
Butler University Bulldogs Baseball Alumni 1999-2004:Roster  
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Butler Bulldogs 1999 - 2004
Created by Pat Neshek & Paul Beck
Davey Athletic Complex (Bulldog Field)
Indianapolis, Indiana
  Paul Beck  

16 Paul Beck "PB"
Position: 1B, DH
Profile: Name:Paul Beck (That's me on the left)

Nicknames:PB, PBeezy


Hometown:FindLAY, OH or Fi-Town

High School:Findlay High School Trojans(Yes we got condoms thrown at us)

Movies-The Usual Suspects, Endless Summer II, One Hour Photo and anything with Chuck Norris
TV Show- Sportscenter, Cribs
Baseball Field- Victory Field
Bands- SLAYER, Mudvayne, A New Found Glory and TOD (They have a cool guitar player)
Character from Saved by the Bell-This is the most complex question I have ever had to answer. Originally, I would have to say Needick, the infamous wrestler from Valley that always challenges Slater in the finals.(Or Kristy, the girl wrestler that also beat Slater) But I also have to include the entire gang of chess nerds, especially the kid with the waffle iron haircut. Then there is Ox the football player and who could forget Mr. Belding's brother Rod who ditched the class ski trip for that hot stewardess?   
Quote You Want On The Site:"I'm not an athlete. I'm a professional baseball player." - John Kruk
"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." - Mahatma Gandhi

Nike or Adidas: Nike
Oakley’s or Easton Flares: I guess I can't lie about this one...Easton Flares

Marital Status: VERY available

Class: Optional or Mandatory - Mandatory, but take something else to do

Number of Dixon Hours Taken: 11, I might as well be majoring in Dixon

Turn ons: Blondes that wear A LOT of make-up and skimpy clothes, blondes that wear A LOT of make-up and should wear skimpy clothes, blondes

Boxer or Briefs: Boxers

Dream Vacation: Surfing in Guam

Quote about another member of the Butler Baseball team:This one goes out to 1-9
"I got Rick, the mother***ing bus driver telling me how to coach"
Favorite Butler Baseball moment: There have been many.
1.Going to the regionals in Minnesota
2.The bomb Wolotka hit off Eddie
3.Eddie beaning Wolotka in the head
4.The Arby's in Merrillville
5.DC putting an Eel in Storey's bed
6.Freshman skits
7.Stale Cheerios at Detroit
8.The Bonfire on Berkely
9.When Franco said "Spring Break Curse"
10.The "shortcut" to Miami, OH suggested by Reagan

Any Other Comments : I recently completed part 1 of the Butler Baseball Movie, email me for copies. Also check out Club Annex, the only club in Indy hittin' it 24-7.
Butler University Bulldogs Baseball Alumni 1999-2004
Butler University Bulldogs Baseball Alumni 1999-2004
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"Nine average kids playing as a team will always beat nine stars playing as individuals." - Coach Jeff Brabant
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