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Butler University Bulldogs Baseball Alumni 1999-2004
Butler University Bulldogs Baseball Alumni 1999-2004:Farley Quotes  
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Get Directions to Butler Bulldogs 1999 - 2004Indianapolis Local Weather
Butler Bulldogs 1999 - 2004
Created by Pat Neshek & Paul Beck
Davey Athletic Complex (Bulldog Field)
Indianapolis, Indiana
  Farley Quotes  

Farley Rules
New Quotes:
1.Anyone that doesn't slide head first into the left field
line is a wuss
2.The beaches in West Virginia are beautiful
3.Steve Gill should burn his glove
4.You can't get a cash advance at the Casino from your credit card

Old Quotes
1. Dont throw rocks at glass houses
2. No one in Japan cares about Butler Baseball
3. If your going down, hit all the buttons something might work
4. Dont be a numbers guy
5. You Must read Nomar's SI Article
6. The Bubble shouldnt be used for baseball
7. Don't expect big hits if you are hitting with a wet rolled up newspaper
8. I'm not a stats guy, but really i am?
9. Baseball America is a great way to stay up on the baseball world.
10. Instead of bunting you should just give yourself a strike because you'll never get a bunt down fair.
11. If your going to hit a batter, hit him with a fastball.
12. Don't worry about which Abercrombie shirt you are going to wear.
13. Grandma Gretchen Cookies.....Where did I pull that one.
14. Most run downs occur in the infield.
15. The planes going down, I'm pushing all the buttons on the plane trying to find out whats going on...
16. C'mon Bruce, Can we get some help for a Butler Baseball player that just got hit in the head and is bleeding.

We need more quotes, write what you think would be good on here.

Butler University Bulldogs Baseball Alumni 1999-2004
Butler University Bulldogs Baseball Alumni 1999-2004
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