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Butler University Bulldogs Baseball Alumni 1999-2004
Butler University Bulldogs Baseball Alumni 1999-2004:Pictures  
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Get Directions to Butler Bulldogs 1999 - 2004Indianapolis Local Weather
Butler Bulldogs 1999 - 2004
Created by Pat Neshek & Paul Beck
Davey Athletic Complex (Bulldog Field)
Indianapolis, Indiana
  Pictures: Random Times  

Jeff Albert = Ramon Pepperoni
The transformation is born

Someone Once Woke Up To Find This On Thier Door
And I Kept It For Proof

Who Would Steal 30 Bag Lunches?
Bobby Ballgame enjoying another treat on the road!

The Resco Chill Room
Ahh yes some call it the chill room others call it the party room, either way this room rocks! also the scene of the 1st Party Boy incident

Justin Keever We Hardly Knew Thee
Every man has a weakness even JK

Remember Me
40 year old Ricky Campenella rounds up the bats for Ball State University

This one is for my homies
PB getting a fool back for hitting his car

Get In That
An Unidentified player goes on a hunting trip

Johnny C Behind The Plate?
Nope, never got to play...But it wouldve been pretty cool

Name that Smile

Matt Crews Shows off his chipped tooth

Class Is Fun When There Are Aliens
Few witnessed it and others don't believe what happened,,,this is the proof

Hey Man, Did You Hear He Got Some
Yeah it was weird

Rex gets felt up by a massage lady

Please turn the camera off
Says man while rubbing Kurt Rosenackers back...Wait a minute...Where is Kurt's Hand

Starting A Trend
The first to display the Bulldogs sign

DC Representing His WalkAWear?
What A Foo Says Jeffrey

I'm going to have to ask you to take off your shirt
Says random massage lady Gilda Fleming while rubbing Tim Marks Back

Did I scan your card
Jeffrey protecting the lunchroom from people sneaking in

Locker Room Fun?
Crews displays a new dance to fellow teammate

What is my dad doing?
Someones dad is caught on film

Someone is Late
Butler Player is late for Spring Break Trip,

One of the worsts day of my life

Watch out for this man
Bus Driver Gary tries to lure innocent college girls into his room during spring break

Y'all Know What's Up
Oh Yeah

No Yelling On The Bus
Says Gavin, He'll turn this damn bus around and end this pretty little field trip

Hornbach Smiles
As he watches Paul Beck run around the bases

Who did it?
Some Butler Pitcher gives up a jack at Indiana State, Who was it?

Do I need to say anything?

Anatomy Of A Hack
Lou Johnson shows why his back hurts

Yeah Dude

More From Behind The Scenes
Of Alberts Hair Cut

Baseball + Volleyball =
A hole in a wall, a broken hearted John Younger and an opportunity for the guys to show off thier ghetto shirts!

Halloween is Cold Here

Burning Love
Sorry Beck, had to post it

Troy goes to Wrigley for a Cubs Game
Yet the real treat is after the game...See next pictures

Wrigley Field is Awesome
A Baseball Game = $10 Dollars, Snack = $5
Seeing two drunks guys kick the crap out of each other.........Awesome


Trying to get off @ Wrigley

Caught @ Wrigley

Man That Sure Beat The BallGame

And The Verdict Is
More Kangaroo Court Fines For Kurt Rosenwacker and no more capri pants for an unnamed bulldog

Matt Crews Is On Top Of The World
And You All Know What Happened Next....You Don't, His Butt Got Groped by a 45 year old Lady!

Ahh $H1T
It looks good until frame 9

Tourney MVP Delivers A Win

A Night On The Town
Older Women are his specialty

The Suit

Bored On A Friday Night
Rex, Pat and Beck change up the atmosphere by scheduling new shows

A Nice Boy
Says Grenada Wilkins whose lost dog Daisy is found

Roberts Thinks About What Chenoweth will do tonight
And What A night it was...WOW

The Morning After

Get Off My Back Man
Says Smolar To Coach Farley after not throwing 40% strikes

Is Bob Bennett accusing yet another bulldog of cheating!

Tickets to the NLCS
Troy, Ja Free and 17k get into the NLCS at St Louis

Another ticket for Troy
Getting into Jacobs Field

Getting Out Of Control
Does This guy know how to party, Yater lets the good times roll, with of course...Van Halen playing in the background

Excited Young Pup
John Younger wonders if Babo really loves him

2 tired Bulldogs try not to fall asleep on their random trip to Florida

Oh No!!!
Rex is snagged by the Shocker

Butler University Bulldogs Baseball Alumni 1999-2004
Butler University Bulldogs Baseball Alumni 1999-2004
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