Bushnell Dixie Youth Baseball League: Welcome


 Welcome To Bushnell Dixie Youth Baseball League

Home of the 2012 Majors World Series Champions!

Bushnell Dixie Youth Baseball League (BDYBL): is a non profit all-volunteer youth organization that has been apart of the Dixie Youth organization since 1983.  As always, our goals are very simple;

1.  We hope that your child has fun;

2.  Develops the spirit for team play;

3.  Continues to see improvement to their individual skill level;

4.  Returns next year; and most importantly

5.  Learns some life lessons that will help in their journey towards adulthood. 

It is BDYBL's desire to always provide a safe and positive learning environment for every player!  Therefore, if you ever have any questions or concerns please get with a board member.  We can work together to reach the same goal which is what's best for our players and overall unity of our league.

Thank you to all the volunteers who are getting involved with YOUR league!  We appreciate you! 

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