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Saturday, March 10
Who We Are

Burlington Vipers Baseball, Inc.

Mission Statement

Burlington Vipers Baseball, Inc. is a non-profit organization establishing a structured and positive environment for athletes and their families in Southeast Iowa and Western Illinois. Our mission is to guide a group of boys and girls between the age of 9 to 14, through a pivotal time in their lives using team sports to educate and influence decision making principles. We hope to instill the importance of discipline, commitment and proper sportsmanship through practice, practical application during games and our example as coaches and parents. We are able to make tournament team baseball affordable in our community with the support of volunteers and our generous sponsors. We draw boys and girls from our community and the surrounding areas, keeping in mind the limited opportunities for our target age group. We believe that every youth, that can safely participate, should be afforded the opportunity to play. We hope to instill in these young athletes, a strong character, a sense of responsibility, a willingness to help others and a desire to serve their community. We will coach to develop skills worthy of a national pastime. We hope to give some of these athletes a chance to play baseball/softball in high school and beyond. We are a non-profit organization made up entirely of volunteers from our community. Every dollar we receive goes directly to the children. Our focus is on sportsmanship and discipline. We start with fundamentals and continue to teach the finer points of the games as they become more proficient. We have two primary goals as an organization:

1) We want to see improvement in every player as they continue their journey with us.

2) We will ensure our players, parents and families are always having fun.

Wednesday, December 28
Viper Philosophy

·        We always give our best effort…110%...always.

·        Hustle is a must. We don’t walk between the foul lines. Hustle is a discipline that creates enthusiasm and spirit. Hustle does not require great skill. Hustle requires commitment and desire which comes from within. We alone, regardless of who we play, control this element of our game and we will always control this part of the game. We will out hustle every team we face.

·        When we put the glove on or pick the bat up, we will concentrate and give our full attention to the great game of baseball. We practice to play, and play like we practice. We will practice the basic skills, master the fundamentals and strive to learn the finer points of the game. We listen to our coaches and respond to directions when told. We will never be a spectator while on the field. We will play every pitch and be involved in every play. Know your position and anticipate every situation for every pitch.

·        Always put the team first. Your personal goals can only be accomplished with the help of the rest of the team. One player alone cannot win a game.

·        Support your teammates. Remember, “They have your back.” You must be there for them as well. Mistreating or criticizing another teammate is not acceptable and is offensive to this organization and will be dealt with accordingly.

·        Learn from your mistakes. Understand that every player, at every level, makes mistakes. Pick yourself up and learn. Check your attitude and forgive yourself. Use the knowledge received from your mistake and become stronger. WE HAVE YOUR BACK!

·        Sportsmanship. BE A GOOD SPORT. Give respect for your opponents, officials and fans. Foremost show respect to your team. Conduct yourself with honor on and off the ball field. Be proud to be a Viper.

Wednesday, December 28
Seven Hitting Positions

1. Stance: feet a little more than shoulder width apart with some motion.

2. Stride: on the balls of feet moving front foot forward in time with pitch.

3. Performance Position: A good A-frame stance with bat in line 

4. Lower Half First: Bring hips around and creating L with rear leg

5. Hands Through the Ball: bringing hands through the ball first 

6. Contact with the Ball: Making contact with the ball in a level hitting plain 

7. Follow Through: follow through using all power