Burlington Little League: Parents

Parent Expectations

Our league is dependent on volunteers.  We not only need volunteer coaches but we also need volunteer parents to help in the concessions stands.  Each team will be required to work aproximetly 16 hours in the concession stand per season.  That breaks out to approximetly (1) 2 hour shift per player. The teams are assigned 2 nights a season to work and supply 2 adults per night for (4) hours.  Most teams break it down to 2 adults to work either 5-7 or 7-9 per night. 

The Home team is required to provide (1) base umpire each game.

 If you are not able to help Coach or be an Assistant coach that is OKAY.  We still need volunteers during the season for concessions and umpires. Please check with the your coach to see when you can help.