Burke Jammers: About Us

* The Burke Jammers is a non-profit YBOA/AAU youth basketball organization.

* The Burke Jammers relies on fundraising and parental support to enable youth in Burke County to participate in competitive basketball.

* Registration Fee $175 (includes AAU membership and insurance,and a $25 uniform deposit that will be returned when the uniform is returned. 

* Uniforms are provided and returned at the end of each season.

* Teams range from 3rd-12th grade.  Please see Age Divisions/Eligibility/Rules Pages

2015 Officers  (Elected October, 2014)

President  Chad Sigmon
   Phone: 828-381-0417
Vice President Elizabeth Ross (Liz)
  Phone: 828-493-5230 
Treasurer   Shea Ruff
  Pone: 828-455-9314
  Secretary  Amber Rhone
   Phone 828-390-6471
Board Advisor Pam Sigmon
 Board Members  Jodi Stilwell

 Bobby Houston 

   Chris Rhone
   Regina Warlick
   Ricky Cooke