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Register for our annual Burke Jammers Spring Fling Tournament (May 14-15) by clicking on "My Site News" on the left. Please fill out the survey!

(Deadline is Tuesday, May 10th)

Please mail checks in advance to Burke Jammers.


3rd/4th - High School age divisions.

3+ games 

$175.00, multiple team discount!

Awards given to first and second place.

Nice, high school facilities used.   


4th Grade Girls                                            7th Grade Girls                                     Varsity Girls (11th/12th)     

Burke Jammers                                            Burke Jammers




5th Grade Girls                                           8th Grade Girls                   

Burke Jammers                                          Burke Jammers

Mcdowell Lady Titans                                 Morganton Patriots 

                                                                    Mcdowell Lady Titans



6th Grade Girls                                         JV Girls (9th/10th)

Burke Jammers                                        Burke Jammers

Morganton Patriots                                   Watagua Storm

                                                                  East Elite 

                                                                  Morganton Patriots


Burke Jammers 6th Grade Garrison Wins NC AAU Division 1 State Championships

A BIG congratulations to our Burke Jammers 6th Grade Garrison Team!  The team participated in the NC AAU State Championships in Greensboro, NC 5/2/14-5/4/14 and came home NC State Champions!  We're so proud of the team's hard work and dedication!  Way to go ladies!!

6th Grade Garrison 2014 NC AAU State Champs.jpeg



 Mission Statement
To provide an opportunity for the team players and families to engage in activities that will promote fellowship, team spirit and cooperation in a competitive environment. Team players will learn about and be involved in an atmosphere of committment and hard work. Part of learning about committment will be from example of their parents or care givers as the teamwork and commitment will extend well beyond the basketball court.

The Burke Jammers provide opportunities for youth across Burke and surrounding counties to play basketball, regardless of the school that a player attends.  We are the oldest and most established girls travel basketball organization in Burke and surrounding counties and have produced numerous Regional and State Championship teams that have went on to compete at a National Level.  In the past we have also fielded several boys teams.


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"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."

Michael Jordan

Burke Jammers Email:  burkejammersbball@yahoo.com