Burkburnett Soccer Association: Welcome






Please remember Burkburnett soccer fields are located on school property and smoking of any kind is not allowed on school property including the parking lots. Also please remember there is no parking allowed in the alley or board parking. Thanks so much for helping keep our children safe! 







If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, all names and numbers are loacated under the Board Tab.  


  Rodney McCleskey 940-781-7414 President Rodneyburksoccer@yahoo.com

 Jamie White 940-632-5385 Executive Vice President Jamieburksoccer@yahoo.com

 Ashley Adams 940-613-1068 2nd Vice President Ashleyburksoccer@yahoo.com

 Brittney Ellett 940-447-7726 Secretary Brittneyburksoccer@yahoo.com

 Crystal Thomason 940-235-0452 Youth Commissioner/website Crystalburksoccer@yahoo.com

 AmyBeth Ball 806-445-3538 Referee Chairman Amybethburksoccer@yahoo.com




Please remember to check our facebook page for all updates.