Wheelersburg Little League: Welcome

Congrats to the New Wheelersburg Little League Board Members

Alesia Kotcamp: Secretary

Adam Conn: 7-8 Boys VP

Jon Estep: 9-12 Boys VP

Jim Vastine: 13-14+ Boys VP 

Jared Tilley: 7-10 Girls VP   

Greg Stanley: Umpire and Chief 



Congrats to all of the All-Star Teams

7-8 Girls District and State Champs

10-11 Boys District Champs 

13-14 Girls District Champs 

7-8 Boys District Runner Ups and State Runner Ups 

9-10 Boys District Runner Ups

9-10 Girls District Runner Ups

11-12 Girls District Runeer Ups

13-14 Boys District Runner Ups 


11-12 Year Old Girls All Stars

Emily Boggs

Addison Collins

Emma Demsey

Lindsay Grant

Sacha Lester

Ryley Perkins

Emma Saltsman

Madi Sifford

Alexis Smith

Morgan Spangenberg

Sydney Spence 

 9-10 Year Old Girls All Stars

Haley Conn

Lyndsey Heimbach

Trinity Cantrell

Laney Eller

Macee Eaton

Kiera Kennard

Jenna Brabson

Maegan Jolly

Jaiden Missler

Payton Walker

Lexi Rucker

Kaylan Darnell 

9-10 Year Old Boys All Stars 

DJ Horton

Ethan Ison

Braxton Sammons

Hunter Thomas

Sean Little

Braxton Rase

Timmy Williams

Gabe Welch

Josh Boggs

Cole Fraizer

Cooper Mckenzie

Brock Brumfield

10-11 Boys All Stars

Carson Mullins

Joey Chamberlin

Todd Essman

Nathan Richardson

Jonah Lawson

Eric  Green

Eli Swords

Azik Bowen

Braden Horr

Dylan Hopper

Chase Conley

Aaron Vance 



11-12 Year Old Boys All-Stars

Will Darling

Aaron Jolly

Josiah Richendollar

Jarrett Stamper

Drew Blair

Brice Robnett

Carter McCorkle

Case Dyer

Mason Montgomery

Makya Matthews

Braiden Cooper

Brady Warren

7-8 Girls All-Stars 

Katie Boggs

Haleigh Collier

Paisley French

Alexis Gilliand

Sarah Hooper

AndiJo Howard

Maddison Kotcamp

Rileigh Lang

Mia Mowery

Brooklyn Price

Sydney Salyers

Sydney Skiver

Emma Smith

Jaelin Thomas

COACHES:  Jason Smith, Chad Mowery, Dusty Salyers, and Andy Howard

Parent Meeting Friday June 6 @ 8:30pm at concession stand picnic table.

Needed:  Original Birth Certificate and unifrom sizes (pants and shirt). 


 7-8 Boys All-Stars

Cody Carver

Caden Conn

Miles Cook

Jake Darling

Sammy Doerr

Connor Estep

Max Hagans

Landon Hutchinson

Kolton Salyers

Luke Swords

Creed Warren

Rowdy Watkins

Christian White

Owen Young 


 Turn your IPhone or Droid into a FREE lightning detector:

Go to APP Store and type in Little League Weather Bug.   It is a free APP and will give you minute by minute lightning strikes around the nation.  It has a radar, 10 day forecast, hourly forecast, wind direction/speed, and in bottom left hand corner a lightning bolt will be shown and states "Spark".   Click on this button and it will scan the country for the closest lightning strikes.  It will rescan every 30 seconds to 1 minute looking for new lighting strikes around the nation.  It does not register Heat Lighting (At least the Heat lighting I saw on several different occasions was not registered).  It also has a safety indicator about lightning-The closest lightning strike will stay on the indicator for 30 minutes.

Wheelersburg Little League: Severe Weather Policy

RAIN: If it begins to rain:

     1) Evaluate the strength of the rain. Is it a light drizzle or is it pouring?

    2) Determine the direction the storm is moving.

    3) Evaluate the playing field as it becomes more and more saturated.

     4) Stop Practice if the playing condition becomes unsafe--use COMMON SENSE! If playing a Game, consult with the other manager, umpire, and/or league official to formulate a decision.

LIGHTNING: The average lightning stroke is 5-6 miles long with up to 30 million volts at 100,000 amps flow in less than a tenth of a second. The average thunderstorm is 6-10 miles wide and moves at a rate of 25 miles per hour. Once the leading edge of a thunderstorm approaches to within 10 miles, you are at immediate risk due to the possibility of lightning strokes coming from the storm’s overhanging anvil cloud. This fact is the reason that many lightning deaths and injuries occur with clear skies overhead. On average, the thunder from a lightning stroke can only be heard over a distance of 3-4 miles, depending on terrain, humidity and background noise around you. By the time you can hear the thunder, the storm has already approached within 3-4 miles! The sudden cold wind that many people use to gauge the approach of a thunderstorm is the result of down drafts and usually extends less than 3 miles from the storm’s leading edge. By the time you feel the wind; the storm can be less than 3 miles away! The day of your game/practice, look at a weather report for possible severe weather predictions. Use your cell phone to intermittently check on possible approaching storms. If storms are going to be a factor with your game/practice, consult with other coaches, umpires, and/or league officials to determine the safest and most practical decision for the situation. Use the Weather application on your phone to track the FUTURE path of the storms. Give players and parents enough time to load their bat bags with bats, helmets, and gloves and get to their vehicles without running for safety. Don’t wait till the last minute, give players enough time to obtain these items and find their parents.

If you can HEAR, SEE, OR FEEL A SUDDEN THUNDERSTORM or Lightning Meter reads strike within 10 miles of the ball field:

     1) Suspend all games and practices immediately!!!

     2) Stay away from metal including fencing and bleachers.

     3) Do Not Hold onto Metal Bats!

     4) Have players walk (NOT RUN) to their parent’s or designated driver’s car and wait for the decision on whether or not to continue with the game/practice.

     5) Games/Practice can resume 30 minutes after the last Lightning Strike, as determined by Little League Officials and/or Concession Stand Operator with use of the lightning strike meter beyond 10 miles. Players may return to the field after the 30 minute wait and cleared by the above mentioned Officals!

    6) If games are suspended for SEVERE WEATHER DELEAY OR THE ENTIRE DAY, THE CONCESSION STAND WINDOWS WILL REMAIN CLOSED and the Managers will be notified and they will notify their players and player’s parents.

     7) When games are resumed after Weather Delays, the Managers and Umpires will decide if players need time to throw and get muscles ready again, repair the field to safe playing condition, and survey the field and mark new areas of safety concerns and decide “Dead Ball Areas” to protect players from getting hurt. Players will be instructed of these areas and to throw their hands in the air if a ball goes into the “Dead Ball Area” and not to pursue the ball into “Dead Ball Areas.” The player will be awarded an extra base decided on upon where the player was when the ball entered the “Dead Ball Area.”

      8) If a storm is viewed on a cell phone weather appt that are within 10 miles of the Little League Fields (this includes West Portsmouth, Ironton, and Rock Hill as boundary Lines) games will be suspended by either a League Official or the Concession Stand Operator.

9) If a lightning strike is detected by the lightning strike indicator and is within 20 miles of Wheelersburg Little League fields, the storm should be viewed and watched on the weather.com app on a League Officials Phone. The Futures Map on weather.com should give an approximate coarse, speed, and time of arrival of the storm’s path.

If the storm is going to be within a 10 mile radius of the Wheelersburg Little League Field’s, ALL GAMES WILL BE SUSPENDED UNTIL THE STORM HAS PASSED USING RULE #5 (located above).

The time will start from the time the storm is greater than 10 miles away.

Distance Calculator How Far Is It? Distance From: ( Wheelersburg, Ohio Populated Place) Distance To:

(West Portsmouth, Ohio Popluated Place) Distance: 9.6 Miles, 15.6 Kilometers, 8.3 Nautical Miles The units of measurement for geographic coordinates are degrees (°), minutes ('), and seconds ("). For more information see our Geography Glossary. Distance is calculated as air distance or "as the crow flies". Read more: Distance Calculator: How Far Is It? Infoplease.com http://www.infoplease.com/atlas/calculate Strong>

All Managers, Coaches, and Volunteers who are on the field must take a State Approved Concussion Training Coarse every 3 years.  Please bring proof of completion to the Coach's Clinic or the Tryouts.  Below is 1-2 links to approved free concussion training coarses.  Print a couple of copies:  One for Little League this year, 2 more for the following years.  ALL CATCHERS MASKS MUST HAVE A DANGLING THROAT GUARD INCLUDING BUILT IN THROAT GUARDS!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELMETS MAY BE REMOVED FROM PLAY AND GAMES SUSPENDED WITHOUT PROPER EQUIPTMENT. LITTLE LEAGUE RULES!


No restrictions are placed on the use of sunglasses by Little League.  Only exception is with the Pitcher.  If a Pitcher is wearing mirrored sunglasses, the Umpire may require the Pitcher to remove his/her sunglasses if they cause distracting reflections of light toward the Batter or Umpire.

ALL MANAGERS AND COACHES ARE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE A CONCUSSION CLASS-Per ORC 3707.52 as enacted by Ohio HB 143 of the 129th General Assembly, the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) is required to create a concussion and head injury information sheet for participants in interscholastic activities and youth sports. The following link: www.cdc.gov/concussion/HeadsUp/online_training.html  is a FREE online class from the CDC, that will fullfil the obligation.  To launch to coarse, click the light purple box on the right side of the screen that states "Launch the Training Coarse".  For more details about the concussion policy in Ohio, go to the following link:  www.healthyohioprogram.org/concussion.aspx    

1. Skills: Hitting…more attempts at the plate from a coach pitching. Five pitches will be given then player must hit from the tee. Running …EVERYONE RUNS! Infield hits advance one base only while hits into the outfield keep advancing until ball is returned to the infield at which point a timeout is called and runners return if not halfway to next base. BE FAIR AND DON’T TAKE THIS TOO FAR! THE COACH PITCHING NEEDS TO STAY ON TOP OF THIS! Fielding…infield hits go to first or attempt a force-out while outfield hits go to second base or cut-off.
2. Outs: We want the kids to begin learning the different forms of making an out when at bat. Therefore, we will start by calling force-outs and fly-outs. No tag-outs. * In addition, I strongly feel that no child at this age should be pulled off the field for making the out and returned to the dugout. Kids like to run and remember: EVERYONE RUNS! However, they will learn that a total of three outs results in changing hitting to fielding and vice versa.
3. Runs: We will not KEEP score, but we definitely want the kids to understand that the goal is to cross the plate and SCORE RUNS! No run limits. If three outs were not made then sides will change after batting through the lineup. There will be no running of “all bases” just because it is the “last batter”. Play stops when the last hitter completes his/her attempt. Therefore, we will need the managers to change the last hitter each inning so all kids get the chance to score!
4. Innings: The goal is 4 innings. The time limit is one hour and fifteen minutes. You may play more innings if you stay under the time limit. Remember to be fair with the kids’ number of at-bats if playing longer; may need to decrease number of pitches given.
5. Time: Practice time approximately one hour per week and game time one hour and fifteen minutes per week. This seems reasonable for six year old kids. Game times scheduled every hour and a half.
6. Mangers/Coaches: Hopefully three per team. When your team is at bat the goal would be to have one coach pitch, one in the dugout organizing the lineup/ helping with helmets, and one getting the child in position at the plate. When your team is fielding two coaches b/w infield and outfield behind second and shortstop while the third coach will serve as the catcher for the other team.
7. Roster: maximum of ten kids per team. Always try to keep five in the infield (one at pitcher’s mound). If playing a game with seven kids then must use four infielders and three outfielders. Must move the players around to different positions in the field and in the lineup. A draft day will be set by the VP within two weeks of the last signup date. Managers/Coaches keep their own kids while all other boys/girls are drafted by a fair and honorable system overseen by the VP.
8. Trash: Everyone’s responsibility! Or the last team to practice or last two teams to play.
10. Field: Games to be played on the challenger field. This is a shared field be courteous!
Jan. 27th, 2013: Submitted by Jeremy Kaltenbach




Hold on ALL Composite Bats in ALL BASEBALL LEAGUES with ONLY some exceptions.  Softball is not affected by this Ruling.   Located below in "BLUE" is a publication released by Little League International about use of Composite Bats by Little League Baseball.  Click on:  "Equipment & Merchandise" TO FIND INFORMATION ABOUT COMPOSITE BATS AND INTERNET SITE FOR APPROVED BATS FOR ALL LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL DIVISIONS. This link will take you to the Little League internet page labeled "Equipment and Merchandise" page.  Scroll down and click on "Approved Composite Bats" for a list of approved bats OR "Latest Information on Composite Baseball Bats" for letter about rule changes for 2012.

FYI: No on-deck batters are allowed on the field until the 13-14 year old leagues and older per the Little League Rule Book (Softball and Baseball)!


Coach Estep has been approved to give batting instructions to BOYS 12 years old and YOUNGER.   NO AGE/GRADE RESTRICTION ON GIRLS.  If you are interested, contact Coach Estep at 740-285-2874.

  Please help keep our fields clean by putting your trash in the trash cans.  If a trash can is not available in an area where ones is needed, please go to the concession stand and let them know.  We will try to make all arrangements to keep our children/grand children playing in a clean environment.

If you wish to assist Your Child's Team, every person has to be cleared after filling out a Background Check form.  You have to be cleared before you are allowed to assist.  This includes being in the Dougout with the Kids.  This is for our children's protection.  This form can be printed from the Link below at the bottom of the page. 


Little League Forms (Some can be filled out and printed)

* Medical Release Form     http://www.littleleague.org/Assets/forms_pubs/asap/Medical_Release_Form.pdf

Medical Release Form is having problems downloading from littleleague.org site (downloaded on 1/1/2014). 

*Player Registration Form (place shirt size Y-youth A-adult and 2 numbers of your child's choice)

*Parent Volunteer Form    http://www.littleleague.org/Assets/forms_pubs/VolunteerApp14.pdf  must be filled out if you would like to Manage, Coach, Umpire, and/or be on the field to assist Wheelersburg Little League.  A copy of your drivers license is needed for Background Check for the safety of our Children.

*If you have any questions concerning Safety Issues or concerns, call Dave Arnold at 357-7738