Burbank American Little League: Welcome

Friday, August 22
Welcome to Burbank American Little League

Welcome to the Burbank American Little League (B.A.L.L.) website !!!!!! B.A.L.L. is a (501)(c)(3) non-for-profit organization. B.A.L.L. strives to teach children the fundamentals of the game, the values of fair play and good sportsmanship. 

 Any qustions please contact: 708-966-9750 or

E-Mail us at: burbankamericanlittleleague@gmail.com



We are currently accepting letters for interested Board Members for the 2014/2015 Season.


Saturday, August 23, 2014 9am-11am Burbank American Concession Stand (75th/Central) Full payment is required.

All fees should be paid at this time. 

 Any question regarding registration please contact us at (708)966-9750

We are currently accepting letters for interested Fall Ball coaches. 


$75.00 per player

FINAL PAYUP DAY- August 23, 2014.

Players play in the division they will be playing in next year's regular season.

Divisions are:

Pee wee-6-7




    Parent Meetings

Parent meetings are held every third Monday of the month. We ask that parents please attend and provide us with feedback so that we can help the league prosper. Our parent meetings are held in the St Albert's Room. Parents can earn 1 hour towards their participation hours by attending.  

 Please Visit our CALANDAR for future events


                                            2014 B.A.L.L. BOARD MEMBERS

                                           President    -     Juan Castellanos  (708) 653-1266

                                  Vice-President    -       Gabriel Aragones (708)297-4090 

                                           Treasurer    -     Chris Alton  (708) 499-2627

                                           Secretary    -     Connie Aragones  (708) 218-8742

                                 Ways & Means     -     Jill Dowling  (708) 935-2383

                                      Player Agent    -      Tim Bednarz  (708) 712-1435

                          Umpire Coordinator    -      Jim Falbo  (708) 601-6127

                         Equipment Manager    -      Joe Borawski  (708) 337-2040

                                     Safety Officer    -   Lori Koschnitzki  (630) 742-1746

                             Field Maintenance    -      Frank Jimenez  (773) 610-0608

                             Field Maintenance    -      Pat Walsh (708) 515-5814 

   T-Ball & Pee  Wee Commissioner   -      Cheryl Taylor (708)543-8107

                          Minor Commissioner   -      Matt Borwawski (630)747-1967

                          Major Commissioner   -      Luis Cervantes (773) 396-6449

Senior Minor & Major Commissioner  -      Sandra Hernandez (773) 339-1632


                                             Associate Board Members

                                          Ray Krause   -    (708) 636-9497    

                                         Cecilia Castellanos- (708) 670-4327

                                         Jose Vega- (708) 415-6668