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Last updated
10-11-14 03:20 PM
Buffalo Chips Youth Running Team
Linda Frazier
(530) 306-5159
Sacramento, California

Buffalo Chips Youth Running Team: 2008 XC Results
Buffalo Chips Youth Running Team

Sunday, December 14
USATF National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships Results

Place, Bib, Runner, Avg Mile, Race Time, Team Place

Bantam Boys
86 #1863 Velez, Charles, 6:46, 12:37

Midget Girls
50 #1864, Eleanor Velez, 6:21, 11:49
204 #1857, Michayla Mabourakh, 7:09, 13:19

Midget Boys
20 #1859, Tristyn Martin, 5:43, 10:39, All American

Youth Girls
46 #1854, Leeann Hold, 6:30, 16:09, 15
102 #1856, Allison Klas, 6:46, 16:47, 38
106 #1862, Hannah Schmidt, 6:47, 16:50, 40
107 #1849, Leah Campbell, 6:47, 16:50, 41
122 #1851, Camille Dyer, 6:50, 16:59, 48
127 #1852, Susan Frazier, 6:52, 17:03, 50

Team Place, 5th, Score 182,   15   38   40   41   48   50                
Total Time:  1:23:35.00
Average:    16:43.00

Youth Boys
25 #1865, Gregory Waters, 5:38, 13:58, All American
174 #1848, Evan Baxter, 6:17, 15:36

Young Boys
121 #1850, Curtis Duncan, 6:10, 19:07

Sunday, December 14
Region 14 Championship Results

Tuesday, November 18
Pacific Association Championship Meet Results

Congratulations to all our Chips that came out and ran on Sunday.  We had a terrific showing and are advancing most of our runners as individuals or teams to the Region 14 Meet on Sunday, November 30th.

Bantam Girls 3K
36th, Madelyn Henning, 20:22

Bantam Boys 3K
10th, Charlie Velez, 13:42
15th, Johnston Galves, 14:01

Midget Girls 3K
7th, Eleanor Velez, 12:43
9th, Michayla Mabourakh, 12:47
16th, Sydney Hold, 13:18
19th, Michelle Gonzales, 13:40

Midget Boys 3K
1st, Tristyn Martin, 11:09
17th, Graham Honig, 12:31
19th, David Duncan, 12:36
24th, Alex Merry, 12:48
33rd, Joseph Henry, 13:48
38rd, Maclean Ankhelyi, 14:03

Youth Girls 4K 1st Place Team
All Advance as a team
2nd, Madeline Ankhelyi, 15:29
10th, Hannah Schmidt, 16:32
12th, Allison Klas, 16:36
25th, TK Rose, 18:45
27th, Shelise Balmet, 19:24

Youth Boys 4K
11th, Evan Baxter, 14:23
24th, Anthhony Galves, 15:01
25th, Ryan Hodgens, 15:02
31st, Seth Millington, 15:46
34th, Matt Fergerson, 15:57

Intermediate Boys 5K
5th, Lucas Maehler, 20:11
7th, Eddie Schmidt, 24:22

Wednesday, November 12
Palo Alto Lightning PAUSATF Meet Results

Bantam Boys 3K
11th, Charlie Velez, 13:16

Midget Girls 3K
4th, Eleanor Velez, 11:44

Midget Boys 3K
2nd, Tristyn Martin, 10:39

Youth Boys 4K
14th, Matt Ferguson, 15:59

Open Boys 5K
2nd, Tristyn Martin, 21:08 Yes, that's a second race as a cool down and 2 awards at one event.  What a Stud!!  Way to go Tristyn.

Tuesday, November 4
Santa Rosa PAUSATF Meet Results

Sub-Bantam Girls 2K
5th, Carina Baxter, 12:26

Midget Girls 3K
6th, Eleanor Velez, 12:34

Midget Boys 3K
2nd, Tristyn Martin, 11:38
5th, David Duncan, 11:59

Youth Boys 4K
10th, Evan Baxter, 14:13
13th, Matt Ferguson, 15:02

Sunday, October 26
Pleasanton Heat PAUSATF Meet Results

Sub-Bantam Girls 2K
8th, Melanie Arechiga, 14:55

Bantam Boys 3K
7th, Charlie Velez, 11:56

Midget Girls 3K
2nd, Eleanor Velez, 11:05

Midget Boys 3K
1st, Tristyn Martin, 10:03
12th, David Duncan, 11:23

Youth Girls 4K
5th, Allison Klas, 16:24

Youth Boys 4K
8th, Ryan Hodgens, 14:10
15th, Matt Ferguson, 15:37

Intermediate Boys 5K
1st Nathan Hodgens, 18:55

Monday, October 20
Stocton Saints TC PAUSATF Meet Results

Sub-Bantam Girls 2K
2nd, Madilynn Hold, 9.59

Bantam Boys 3K
7th, Charlie Velez, 14:27

Midget Girls 3K
3rd, Eleanor Velez, 12:28
4th, Sydney Hold, 14:01

Midget Boys 3K
1st, Tristyn Martin, 11:53
4th, Alex Merry, 12:58

Youth Girls 4K
2nd, Allison Klas, 17:18
5th, TK Rose, 19:42

Monday, October 20
Bella Vista Bronco Invitational Results
Coach Mike

Still awaiting the Junior High Results

Midget Start

Buffalo Chips Youth Cross Country PAUSATF Meet Results

What a great day for running and a large turnout for our host meet.  This meet provided everyone the opportunity to get a taste of the Association Meet that will be held in November and it appears that the Region 14 Meet will also be run here.  All the Coaches want to thank everyone who volunteered to make this another Buffalo Chips marquee event.

Sub-Bantam Girls 2K
3rd, Audrey Phillips, 10:21
4th, Maddie Hold, 10:25
5th, Alaina Baxter, 10:43
6th, Carina Baxter, 11:45
7th, Stephani Balmet, 12:55

Sub-Bantam Boys 2K
6th, Joren Balmet, 15:39

Bantam Girls 3K
12th, Madison Beaudry, 19:45

Bantam Boys 3K
7th, Charles Velez, 14:09

Midget Girls 3K
4th, Eleanor Velez, 12:39
8th, Michelle Gonzales, 14:12
13th, Isamar Conde, 17:32

Midget Boys 3K
1st, Tristyn Martin, 11:35
10th, Graham Honig, 12:54
11th, Alex Merrey, 12:57
14th, David Duncan, 13:28
20th, Maclean Ankhelyi, 14:54

Youth Girls 4K
2nd, Madeleine Ankhelyi, 15:24
4th, Michelle Pouquette, 16:03
8th, Allison Klas, 16:31
12th, TK Rose, 18:46
15th, Shelise Balmet, 20:21
16th, Jaclyn Nord, 24:07

Youth Boys 4K
4th, Evan Baxter, 14:22
12th, Matt Fergerson, 16:08

Intermediate Girls 5K
1st, Marissa Indgjer, 24:19

Intermediate Boys 5K
1st, Nathan Paddeck, 18:37
2nd, James Dietler-Bennion, 18:37
7th, Curtis Duncan, 22:53

Open 5K
4th, Coach Mark, 22:29

LSI Run in the Sun PAUSATF Cross Country Classic Results

Reports from those who attended confirmed "it was an extremely tough course with several hills and uphill switchbacks."  Congratulations and a job well done to all the finisher.

Bantam Boys 3K
6th, Charlie Velez, 15:53

Midget Girls 3K
2nd, Eleanor Velez, 14:22

 Youth Boys 4K
3rd, Evan Baxter, 16:59
7th, Matt Fergerson, 19:13

Roseville Express PAUSATF Beals Point Meet Results

Cross country is often considered a Fall sport and associated with cool temperatures but today's race which kicked off the 2008 Cross Country season proved that the early season meets can still be hot.  A warm day regardless but our Chips took on the challenge and came home with top performances by everyone.  The course, which was modified from 2 years ago due to construction at Folsom Lake, still provided a challenge.  The missing heartbreak hill from 2 years ago was replaced by nearly 3/4 of a mile of beach sand.  But everyone had to deal with it so everyone brought home a bit of the course in their shoes and shocks. 

Bantam Girls 3K
5th, Bailey Schmidt, 21:36

Bantam Boys 3K
4th, Charlie Velez, 14:22

Midget Girls 3K
2nd, Michayla Mabourakh, 12:54
5th, Eleanor Velez, 13:10
7th, Michelle Gonzalez, 14:09
11th, Isamar Londe, 18:01

Midget Boys 3K
1st, Tristyn Martin, 11:41
7th, David Duncan, 13:03
10th, Graham Henig, 14:01

Youth Girls 4K
1st, Hannah Schmidt, 18:16
5th, TK Rose, 22:42

Youth Boys 4K
6th, Matt Fergerson, 18:06
11th, Evan Baxter, 20:17

Open Boys 5K
1st, James Dietler-Bennion, 19:40
2nd, Curtis Duncan, 21:26
3rd, Luke Maechler, 23:09
4th, Eddie Schmidt, 24:40

Open Men 5K
2nd, Coach Mark, 24:34

Sunday, September 21
Oak Ridge Trojan Invitational Results

Varsity Boys
3rd Benjamin Xie, Oak Ridge 17:01
9th Jeroen Keukenkamp, Oak Ridge 17:11
20th Nathan Paddeck, Del Oro 17:46
22nd James Dietler-Bennon, Bella Vista 17:52

Frosh/Soph Girls
2nd April Rosas-Willet, St Francis 13:33
5th Leeann Hold, Oak Ridge 14:08
8th Susan Frazier, St Francis 14:25

Jr. High Boys
2nd Evan Baxter, 09:39
3rd Tristyn Martin, 09:42
7th David Duncan, 10:18

Jr. High Girls
1st Madeleine Ankhelyi, 9:50
2nd Allison Klas, 10:08
3rd Eleanor Velez, 10:38
4th Hannah Schmidt, 10:52
10th TK Rose, 11:42

Buffalo Chips Youth Running Team
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