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Bud Maddux - Baseball

Bud Maddux - Baseball
Email: Budball@consolidated.net
School: Lufkin High School
Profile: Bud has instructed a multitude of players in various positions since 1974. His training skills have been saught after for many years.
Bud is well known through out the East Texas Area as well as the Deep South as the Coaches who wins. For local baseball fans, Bud Maddux is, for all practical purposes, a legend in his own time.
Added to his list of credits are 20 State Titles and 10 World Series and National Championships. No other coach in Texas has gained as much recognition as Bud Maddux.
Bud started playing baseball in the Lufkin Youth League at the age of 7. He started in the league as catcher and progressed through the local program. He became skilled in several positions but catching was his favorite.
After graduating from Lufkin High he attended Victoria College and North Texas University. When his baseball playing days ended Bud picked up the coaching end of the game and has been training baseball stars for many years.
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