Bryan UNITED Little League: Welcome

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Welcome to Bryan UNITED Little League!
We want to provide the best baseball/softball learning experience for families in our Little League territory. 

It's a great day at Bryan UNITED Little League.


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    IF there is significant rain, we will usually make a decision about playing that evening at 5pm.

Call the Rain Out NUMBER to confirm games postponed on account of rain at 979-775-2192. 

 You can also contact your Division's Vice President for more information. Click "Board" for contact info. 


 For more information you may click "Board" to the left for the current list of board members.

ATTENTION : A GOOGLE field calendar has been developed to help keep track of field usage and the

Board Member on duty.  This does not take the place of the league schedule and is here only as a convenience.

To check this and the CALENDAR of EVENTS click here here.

 VOLUNTEERS: The league runs on volunteers.  We couldn't do it without them.  If you have a desire to help kids and a great ideas then get involved.  Ask a board member how.  Click on the "Board" link to the left for contact information.  "Many hands make light work!"  All too often 90% of what you see happens because of a handfull of moms and dads seeing to it that things get done.  The city is gracious to support all the leagues in Bryan by paying utility and mowing costs but each league is responsible for 100% of all activities from field maintenance and prep to running the concession stands and making sure each bathroom is fully stocked.  Click on the HANDOUTS link to get an application, fill it out and mail/carry/email to the Safety Officer.  Once the background check is approved you can begin.  Thank you for doing your part!

FUNDRAISING: Little League is 100% non-profit.  Each league is grateful for the utility costs, mowing, bathroom cleaning and trash pickup from the City of Bryan.  Each league must raise its own finances to purchase league equipment, uniforms, to stock concession stands and maintain scoreboards, signage, press boxes, phone lines and web sites.  Generous support from local business through team sponsorships and outfield banner purchases are one way the league raises funds for operations.  Registration fees, logo cups, chocolate and hamburger sales are other ways funds are raised.  If at any time a little league family desires to know what, how and where the funds are raised and allocated, all you need to do is ask a board member.  We'll be happy to show you. 
We believe in 100% financial transparency.  All you have to do is ask.
(If you are looking for more information try looking in the "Handouts" section to the left.)