Bryan North Little League: From The Coach

Friday, January 29
Parent Do's & Don'ts

Friday, October 9

The following piece is from Bruce Lambin.  He speaks of older boys ...

Tuesday, January 6
What Do We Teach Our Kids?

“When I first started, it was probably more about me than it was the kids,” he said.  “I was so intent on winning that that was the bottom line.  As I got older, I think it became more about trying to teach kids, through athletics, what it takes to be successful in life – the ideas of integrity, work ethic, accountability, responsibility, discipline.  Using sports as a vehicle so that at some point in time they might look back and say ‘you know, I learned that from playing sports.”

-          Denny Lehnus, Kanakee Sports Citizen of the Year, Kanakee, Il

Tuesday, March 3
Is Winning Everything?

It was the 7th inning with two outs and ...

Tuesday, January 6
Rules Fun Test

Friday, November 21

Tis the season to be thankful.

Tuesday, October 14
Games Are Won At Practice

Not something you'd expect to see, right?  At PRACTICE?  How do you win a game if you're at practice?  ...

Friday, September 5
Expectations - What the coach expects from his players

Never give up!  On ...

Friday, September 5
Expectations - What the Coach expects from the parents

Welcome to the team.  Baseball ...

Monday, August 11
Is Tournament Ball (or Select Ball) for me?


Friday, January 16
Prepping for Tryouts

Tuesday, January 6
Spring Decisions

This addition is a tip from Bruce Lambin of ...