Bryan North Little League: Safety

Friday, March 13
ASAP Safety Plan
Attached is a copy of Bryan North's Safety Plan.  Any suggestions for it's improvement are greatly appreciated.
Handout: ASAP Plan

Friday, April 14
Equipment wears out. As much as we'd like it to, it does not last forever. PLEASE, as parents and coaches, we need to look out for the safety of our kids. As such, when equipment is no longer effective in protecting their safety, it's worn out, falling apart, whatever, PLEASE either contact our Equipment Coordinator, Robbie Medina, your division VP, or the President, Eric Irwin. Name and contact information can be found by clicking on the "Board Members" link to the left.

Friday, March 10
What Parents Should Know
Please download and read this form for information regarding Little League insurance, what's cover and how it's covered.

If you need more information, please contact our Safety Officer or President.

Handout: What Parents Should Know

Friday, March 10
Injury Tracking
Coaches should use this form to track injuries and possible claims.

For Example: Let's say a child gets hurt in practice or at a game, and the coach lets him rest with some ice on it. Everybody goes home. Later the parents realize that it's more than just a bruise and take the child to the emergency room. A claim will get filed. If the coach uses this form, it makes filing and all other paperwork much simpler.

Handout: Injury Tracking

Friday, March 10
Insurance Claim Form
Please read the instructions and fill out the Claim/Notification form.
Handout: Insurance Claim Form

Volunteer Application
If you wish to participate with ANY team in ANY way, please fill out this form and bring it to registration or contact our Safety Officer. This form is for Managers, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Parents. This is for your safety and especially for the safety of the players, and it is required by Little League.
Handout: Volunteer Application