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2018 BRSLL Umpire Candidates

The beginning of the spring season for BRSLL is right around the corner and Belmont Redwood Shores Little League is recruiting additional youth and adult umpires of all levels for the 2018 season.  Umpire training, equipment and uniforms will be provided by the league. If you’re interested, BRSLL is hosting two free upcoming umpiring clinics:

Youth Umpires: BRSLL seeks umpires, 13 years of age and up, for AAA and Majors level games. Umpires are required to attend training sessions and are expected to work one game per weekend and may elect to work 3-4 games per week. Umpires are paid or may elect to receive community service hours in lieu of being paid.  Past BRSLL participation is not required.

Adult Umpires: Adult volunteers very important members of our league and help to ensure that our children enjoy their baseball experience. Umpiring is an excellent way to serve your community and help our youth sports program.

If you would like to become an umpire, or have friends who might be interested, please email the chief umpire at with any questions and your interest. Thank you and we look forward to an exciting season of BRSLL baseball.

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