Big Rapids Rocket Football: Welcome

Welcome to the New 2012 Big Rapids Rocket Football & Cheer Website.

Thanks for a great 2012 season! If you missed your last game and the banquet please contacty your coach ASAP to turn in your equipment!

The Big Rapids Flag/Rocket Football and Cheerleading Program is a community based program in Big Rapids Michigan, for children who are 4 - 14 years of age (as of November 1st).  Although the program is based in Big Rapids Michigan, participants do not have to be residents of Big Rapids to participate.  The Program is lead by community volunteers whose mission is to provide a safe environment in which players can learn the sports of football and cheerleading.  While sports are competitive, emphasis is not placed on winning or losing but on having fun, good sportsmanship and player developement.    

The Big Rapids Flag/Rocket Football and Cheerleading Program is a member of the Northern Rocket Football League (or NRFL).  The NRFL is a non-profit organization established to promote the development and maintenance of a supervised youth based program serving many of the communities in Northern, Western and Mid Michigan.

Northern Rocket Football League Mission Statement

"ROCKET FOOTBALL" and "FLAG FOOTBALL" are recreational programs for the benefit of children, conducted by interested adults.  Although any sport is competitive, this competitiveness is not emphasized, at least in the perspective of winning or losing.  The primary purpose of "ROCKETS" is that every child is placed on a team and ever player participates as equally as possible.  RULES ARE DESIGNED TO PROVIDE A SAFE ENVIROMENT FOR THE MAJORITY OF THE PLAYERS. Believing that each game is incentive enough to provide a competitive atmosphere, there are no official standings kept and no championships awarded.  Teams are constructed through the league sponsored draft process, *and in scheduling an effort is made to match teams of similiar strengths. 

FLAG FOOTBALL teams are constructed by the areas Field Director and are not subject ot the NRFL Draft Regulations or Requirements.  FLAG FOOTBALL games are scheduled by the individual areas and they are soley responsible for such contests. 

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The Flag Program is designed to be an introductory program for football players and cheerleaders who are 4 - 7 years old (as of November 1st).  The players are divided into age groups so they will be playing against children their same age and skill level.  The program runs the entire month of August.  There are 3 games, which are played on Friday nights.





The Rocket Program is designed of be an instruction program designed for football players and cheerleaders who are 8 - 14 years olds (as of November 1st).  The players are divided into age groups so they are playing with children who are the same age.  The age groups are 8/9, 10/11, 7th grade and 8th grade.  There are 7 games, which re played on Saturdays at various locations. 

Contact Us Information
 President: Monika Repke (231) 349-7377  Vice President: Jason Mason (231) 598-1343
 Secretary: Andi Strickler (231) 592-8059  Treasurer: Rhonda Severson (231) 629-6384
 Field Director: Ron Repke (231) 287-2489  Asst Field Director: Jason Mason (231) 598-1343

 Flag Program: Shane Strickler (231) 349-1718  Concessions: Amy Bouman (231) 629-6384
 Cheerleading: Tammy Spring (231) 250-0094  Fundraising: Coleen Pressley (231) 679-9411
 Equipment: John Meeuwes (231) 660-0796  Assistant Fundraising: Shane Strickler (231) 349-1718
 Team Mom: Schar Holley (231) 679-0584