Brooklyn Skyhawks Football Club: General Information

Registration Process
In addition to full payment of fees, all players are to fill out and submit the following forms. These forms are available from our website and at the field during practices sessions. (Ref. the SKYHAWK Forms icon in the main menu)

- Player registration
- Waiver of claim and liability
- Medical
- New York City Youth Football Conf. Authorization of Birth Form (must be notarized)

*** MANDATORY*** - A copy of the player(s) birth certificate must be submitted. This document must be submitted to the League Officials during the Certification Process. Failure to provide proper documentation will result in removal from the team roster. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

In order to expedite your son's participation, please at least have the registration, copy of birth certificate, waiver of claim and birth authorization forms filled out prior to coming to field.

Established in 1977 by James R. Harris

League Affiliations
Charter member of the New York City Youth Football Conference - 2006

Member of the New York City Warner Football Conference 1979 - 2005.

Were members of the former Kyle Rote Football Conference in 1977 and 1978.

Team Colors
Skyhawk Blue, White and Orange - Orange added in 1978.

Winning Tradition
One of a few "new" teams to ever win their very 1st game. SKYHAWKS 12 - St. Bernadette 6
Sept. 1977.

Reference the "Circle of Champions" page to view the full winning tradition of BROOKLYN SKYHAWK FOOTBALL.