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Brooklyn Rams
Adrian Sutherland
Brooklyn, New York

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Thursday, June 2
Boys Club Of New York Tournament Schedule
Location: Dry Dock Playground
               East 10th Street & Avenue D
               Lower East Side, Manhattan
Directions: 1,2,3,4,5,6,A,C,F,N,R trains to 14th Street
                  Change for Brooklyn-bound "L" train to 1st Avenue
Dates:    Saturdays from June 4th to August 6th

Week 1 - June 4th @ 2:00pm LOST (0-1)
Week 2 - June 11th @ 2:00pm WON (1-1)
Week 3 - June 18th @ 1:30pm LOST (1-2)
Week 4 - June 25th @ 12:30pm LOST (1-3)
Week 5 - July 9th @ 12pm
Week 6 - July 16th - All-Star Game
Week 7 - July 25th - Playoffs Begin
Week 8 - July 30th - Semi-Finals
Week 9 - Aug. 6th - CHAMPIONSHIP GAME

Week 1 - June 4th @ 4:30pm WON (1-0)
Week 2 - June 11th @ 4:30pm WON (2-0)
Week 3 - June 18th @ 2:30pm WON (3-0)
Week 4 - June 25th @ 2:00pm WON (4-0)
Week 5 - July 9th @ 4:30pm
Week 6 - July 16th - All-Star Game
Week 7 - July 25th - Playoffs Begin
Week 8 - July 30th - Semi-Finals
Week 9 - Aug. 6th - CHAMPIONSHIP GAME

Saturday, January 1
Brooklyn Rams Reunion - DAY TWO
Day Two of the Brooklyn Rams Reunion took us to Grand Street Campus High School, where we practiced in 2003. Much thanks to Cesar, Andres and the rest of the Beacon staff over there for accomodating us. Attendance was lighter the second day than it was the first.(In a bigger gym. Go figure) Present were Anthony "KJ" Beauford, Chris Gibbs, Daryl "Hyper" Felix, David "DD" Cerant, Dorian Cobb, Joe Miller, Kenji Summers-Lewis, Kenton Chan-Man, Mervin Holder, Perry Daniel, and Trevor "Black Ice" Breland. After a couple of open run games and some 3-point shooting battles(Kenton & Chris cleaned up), a 3-on-3 game jumped off between Rams' veteran guards and their up & coming counterparts. Trev, Joe & DD went up against Dorian, Perry & Chris. In the first game(which was a money game) Dorian's team took an early 6-1 lead, before Joe's team realized that the young boys brought their A game. But Joe's team brought their A+ game and came back to win 21-14. In the second game(no money, just fun) Dorian's team again started off strong with a 5-0 lead. But just like the first game, Joe's team came back to win 16-8. We'll see you at the next Reunion!

Wednesday, December 29
Brooklyn Rams Reunion - DAY ONE
Day One at the Brooklyn Rams Reunion was, if nothing else, interesting. First of all, head security guard Shareef, who used to work there when we practiced there(I.S. 35) from 1998-2000, is still there; so I was happy to see him. When we walked into the basement gym, the first thing to hit me was that it's smaller than I remember. Anyway, who was there? Coach Tiki(who was greeted to a warm welcome from everyone), Akeem "Knifework" Tucker, Akio Charles, Angelo "Jello" Whitehead, Anthony "KJ" Beauford, Chris "CJ" Ginda, Daryl "Hyper" Felix, David "DD" Cerant, Joseph Miller, Keith Saunders, Kenji Summers-Lewis, Kenton Chan-Man, Lex Andrews, Lloyd "Loonatik" Clinton, Mark Chan, Mervin Holder, Nimai Garrett, O'Neil Chan, Perry Daniel, Taj Moore, Tamel Straker and Trevor "Black Ice" Breland were in attendance. Who wasn't there? DUH, every other past or current Ram player or coach. Was there trash talking? YES. Was anything settled? NO. BUT, after a few open games, a round robin tournament was set up. Point Guard's CJ, Joe, Keith & Trev chose squads. In the first game, CJ's squad(CJ, Perry, Merv, O'Neil & Jello) beat Trev's squad(Trev, Hyper, Taj, Knifework & non-Ram Mel). In the second game, Joe's squad(Joe, DD, Mark, Loonatik & Akio) beat Keith's squad(Keith, KJ, Nimai, Lex & Tamel). In the consolation game, both teams were playing around so we didn't pay attention to see who won.(At least I'm honest). In the championship game, Joe's squad beat CJ's squad. A good day was had by all. We'll see what happens on Thursday.
Interesting Notes:
• Oldest Ram player present, Keith Saunders, 23
• Youngest Ram player present, Kenton Chan-Man, 13
• Original Ram present, Keith Saunders. Keith was part of the original Rams squad that went undefeated(and took the chip) in All-For-One tournament(1998)
• Non-Ram present, Mel
• Angelo Whitehead has played in EVERY Rams out-of-state tournament
• Most PSAL rings present, (2)Akeem Tucker, Lincoln(2002 & 2003)

Friday, December 24
Brooklyn Rams Reunion
All current and former Rams players and coaches are invited to the 2-day Brooklyn Rams Reunion.

Wednesday, December 29th from 3:30-7:30pm @ I.S. 35, 272 MacDonough Street, between Lewis & Marcus Garvey. Take "A" train to Utica Avenue. Exit on Schenectady & Fulton. Walk down Fulton to Lewis. Make right onto Lewis. Walk down to MacDonough. Make left onto MacDonough.
Thursday, December 30th from 1:00-4:00pm @ Grand Street Campus H.S., 850 Grand Street. Take "L" train to Grand Street.

Come out and see some players and coaches you haven't seen in a while and FINALLY see which group of Rams players were(or are) the best.
Invited Coaches: Coach Alton, Coach Beau, Coach Danny, Coach Fountain, Coach Nyron, Coach Reg, Coach Rel, Coach Shatane, Coach Snap, Coach Tiki & Coach Tiz
Invited Players: Air Morris, Bibby & Christie, Black Hole, Black Ice, Foots, The General, Jello, Knifework, Loonatik, North, Plastic Man, Shaq, Spec, Swat Man, Sykes

Thursday, May 27
Beau Bostic named Executive Director
On May 15, 2004, 23-year old Beau Bostic was promoted to the title of Executive Director of Sports Oriented Nurturing(S.O.N.) Youth Partnership, parent organization of the Brooklyn Rams AAU Basketball Program. Mr. Bostic was formerly a member of S.O.N's Board of Directors. Former Executive Director, Reginald Murray, will move to the newly created position of Deputy Director. Mr. Bostic began playing basketball with the Brooklyn Rams in 1998 and was instrumental in the creation of the Brooklyn Rams basketball program. It is with great pride that the reins of S.O.N. are being turned over to Mr. Bostic; and the organization is confident that Mr. Bostic can continue the tradition of quality and respect that has been established with his predecessor.

Tuesday, May 18
Beau Bostic receives Bachelor of Science Degree
On Saturday, May 15, 2004, Brooklyn Rams player and Sports Oriented Nurturing(S.O.N.) Youth Partnership Board Of Director Beau Bostic received his Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations from SUNY-Oswego in Oswego, NY. Beau completed his 4-year degree on schedule since entering SUNY-Oswego in September 2000; after graduating from St. Agnes High School on the upper West Side of Manhattan in June 2000. Upon receiving his degree, Beau Bostic will not only remain a board member of S.O.N., but Beau Bostic will also become the new EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of S.O.N. Youth Partnership.

Thursday, February 12
Rams' players take part in 'Read Aloud'
On Wednesday, February, 11th, members of S.O.N. Youth Partnership and the Brooklyn Rams Basketball Program participated in P.S. 109's "Making The Connection Through Literacy" Read Aloud in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Rams' players Dorian Cobb, Akio Charles, Ceon White, & Mervyn Holder, and S.O.N. Youth Partnerhip mentorees Jermaine Clarke, Geuris Thomas, Charles Brown, Thriston Wilson & Kamar Stewart read books by African-American authors and helped make books for P.S. 109 students in grades Pre-K to 5. P.S. 109 students were thrilled to have older kids take time out of their day and read books to them and asked them to come back again. The Rams' players enjoyed themselves and did not realize how much of an impact they would have on the kids. They have already decided to go back and read again.

Monday, May 12
Shaun James Graduates From Susquehanna University
On Sunday, May 11, 2003 (Mother's Day), Shaun A. James became the first Brooklyn Rams player to graduate with their Bachelor's Degree when he walked across the stage at Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania to receive his Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. Shaun has been a player with the Brooklyn Rams since 1998 and graduated from Newtown High School in June 1999. Brooklyn Rams' Executive Director Reginald Murray was on hand along with Shaun's parents, siblings, relatives and friends to share in this special moment. Shaun's upcoming plans include preparing for his Certified Public Accounting(CPA) exam in November and assisting the Rams in an administrative capacity.

Rams' Shine At JUCO Games
Brooklyn Rams Player Update: Congratulations to Akio Charles (6'4" small forward) and Lloyd Clinton (6'5" shooting guard) who were both selected to participate in the All-Star Game at the 7th Annual Big Apple JUCO Exposure Games at John Jay College last weekend. What makes Akio's road to John Jay College even more memorable was that he had to earn his way there by playing in the Blue Devils Exposure Games at Tilden HS the night before and was 1 of 10 chosen to attend the Big Apple JUCO Games. Then, to be picked by the attending college coaches as an All-Star at John Jay College was the highlight of his 2-day exposure weekend. Lloyd, who was not on Saturday's JUCO Exposure Games' original roster either, made his way in as an alternate after a few participants failed to show up and then proceeded to impress the attending coaches. The Brooklyn Rams organization is proud of both Akio and Lloyd; and we're expecting big things from these two extremely talented young men.

Sunday, March 9
Akeem Tucker Garden Bound...AGAIN!
Akeem Tucker and the Abraham Lincoln Railsplitters have advanced to the PSAL Championships on Sunday, March 16th at Madison Square Garden. The Railsplitters are out to defend their PSAL title that they won last year. Akeem, currently the only Rams' player with a PSAL Championship ring, is looking for his 2nd ring.

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