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Dial a Teacher
DIAL-A-TEACHER ON-LINE is a "FREE"** service provided by Miami-Dade County Public Schools in cooperation with the United Teachers of Dade and WLRN-TV. DIAL-A-TEACHER ON-LINE offers homework help in most subject areas in grades K - 12. And parents don't be shy,we can also provide you with assistance in helping your children with their homework.

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Study Skills
Log on to get information on how you can get better grades.

Literacy Banner
Verizon Reads!
Verizon Reads is the umbrella organization for Verizon's national literacy platform. Established in 1999, Verizon Reads is dedicated to the fight for a more literate America through meaningful programs that create awareness, raise funds, and encourage collaboration among literacy providers.

Inside Schools
HELP! The School System is Driving Me Crazy...
The independent guide to New York City Schools. Get survival tips, research schools, give reviews, and more...

College Now Logo
College Now-A Free Program for NYC Public HS Students
"Achieve in High School; Succeed in College!"
College Now, is a collaborative program of the City University of New York (CUNY) and the New York City Department of Education, which aims to give students a head start i college while helping them do better in high school. The program offers academic courses, tutoring, arts, campus tours and more-- available to students at over 200 high schools and 17 CUNY campuses.

Summer Opportunities For Teens
Summer Camps and Programs At Colleges, formerly known as Summer Program Press, was established in 1995 with the goal of providing information on summer programs held on college campuses throughout New York State. Over 100 colleges (and some college prep schools) are indexed in the SummerOnCampus online directory. The guide includes a wide variety (70+ categories) of sports, arts, and academic summer camps for 8-18+year olds as well as summer workshops and apprenticeships for college students and adults.

Kids For Community
CFC wants all of NYC's kids to "GROW INVOLVED!"
Children For Children Foundation has developed the Kids for Community site to help young people develop a greater sense of community and social responsibility by creating a means for volunteers and organizations to find each other.

The Kids for Community site is geared towards:
-young people looking for volunteer opportunities.
-parents who want to get their kids involved in the community.
-teachers and service leaders striving to develop their service learning programs.
-organizations that value young volunteers.

The Sports Source
"To provide the perfect link between the student-athlete, a specialized sports program, and a well-rounded college education. "

Fast Web
Fast Web
Find money for college! Search 600,000 scholarships worth over $1 billion. Find your dream school with personalized matching against over 4,000 colleges. Get expert tips on financial aid, careers and more! Download applications for over 700 colleges.

College Recruiting
A great understanding of the inner workings of the recruiting process at all levels. Tremendous insight into the financial aid system and his ideas on how to obtain money for college. A must reading for any parent, athlete, guidance counselor or coach.

Find out where you fit!
If you don't have an SAT, ACT, TOFEL or PSAT score or want to practice taking these test click here to visit our online testing center called 4tests then find out how many school match with your abilities free by accessing our Leap Into Action section.

College Scholarship
Colleges, College Scholarships, and Financial Aid
Colleges, College Scholarships, and Financial Aid page is designed to offer college bound students, parents, and counselors easy access to information on:
free college scholarship and financial aid searches.
SAT and ACT test preparation tips, and more.
colleges and universities throughout the United States.

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Below are links to additional scholarship websites. This list is provided for informational purposes and is not an endorsement form or program.

NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse
As a prospective student-athlete who wants to attend a Division I or II institution, you have certain responsibilities to attend to before you may participate. Information concerning who needs to register with the Clearinghouse and what documents should be submitted. Read up on it.

Barrons SAT
Barrons Regents SAT/PSAT Preparation
This link will assist student athletes in addition to what we will be using in preparing for the PSAT.

Road Ready Teens
Teens, Are You Ready to Drive?

Traffic crashes are the number one killer of teens. With so many teens being injured or killed on our nation’s roadways, teen driving safety has become a national priority and a top concern for parents, according to a survey commissioned by DaimlerChrysler.

That's why DaimlerChrysler created Road Ready Teens to help you ease your teen into driving. Based on research and principles advocated by the nation's top safety organizations, the program's tips and tools have been designed to help teens gain driving experience and maturity before they actually hit the road.


Barrons Regents
Barrons Regents Exam Preparation is a user-friendly web site for NYS Regents Preparation in Earth Science/The Physical Setting, Biology, Chemistry/The Physical Setting, Math I, Math II, Math III, Math A, Math B, Physics/The Physical Setting, US History and Government, and Global Studies.

Fun School
Fun School From The Kaboose Network
Funschool's mission is to make learning fun. The site offers more than 800 interactive games and activities for preschool through 6th grade that are fun, easy-to-use, educational activities ranging from matching numbers and shapes for pre-schoolers, to geography, math and history for third through sixth graders. Funschool is a proven popular, trusted provider of interactive online games in a safe online learning community. It is the top educational site for families on the Internet and has been endorsed by organizations such as NetNanny and CyberAngels, the leading industry watchdogs for children's protection on the Internet.

magic school bus
Magic School Bus Free Stuff
Explore the Solor System, the Ocean, Bugs, the Earth, Dinosaurs, and more...

Private Schools Are Using It!
Link up to the latest books and academic websites. Learn about the colonies and read books that have top honors!

Enchanted Learning
Enchanted Learning
Enchanted Learning produces children's educational web sites and games which are designed to capture the imagination while maximizing creativity, learning, and enjoyment.

Home of High School Football
The NFL's official site for high school football, featuring news from around the country, tips and drills for players and coaches, NFL players reflecting on their high school careers, and much more!

Standard Deviants
Standard Deviants
Welcome to the world of the Standard Deviants - where learning is anything but standard! Inside you'll find plenty of FREE teaching, homework, and homeschool resources, including video clips, helpful cards, tests, games and more!