BROOKLYN PITBULLS: Mission Statement

Thursday, April 3


We are a Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 Tax Exempt Organization. Our program is a nationally recognized program and a member of the New York City Pop Warner Little Scholars Football League. We are a community based organization with the objective of focusing on the developmental needs of the children served. While in the program, children’s developmental needs will be met by the staff. Our program strives for more of the characteristics of the everyday world. The key to our program is to provide discipline, accountability, and responsibility. Most importantly, the program is designed to emphasize and promote a positive self-concept in each child. Parent's are encouraged to support their children prior to a child’s admission into the program as well as continually once the child is in the program. Mutual trust and respect among parents, staff and Board of Directors are the cornerstone of our policies. 

Youth sports while being competitive should also be a fun experience for the coaches as well as the players. It should also be a progressive learning experience, as many of the youth do dream of someday becoming a High School, College, or even a professional athlete. The objective of this program is to keep the youth away from the streets and in school, while giving them a venue to maybe someday obtain those goals.   

  Kilroy Dividing Line

"We Stay In Touch, So You Stay In Touch"
Our goal is to keep you informed. Therefore, we suggest that you call our phone line periodically for important updates and information about: Clinics, Possible Cancellations Due to Weather, Holidays, or Unforseen Circumstances, Practices, Games, Travel (when we go away on long distance trips), Meetings, Etc..... We do not allow bad weather to deter us from our plans, unless it's really and truly inclement where it puts participants at risk. You should know that games and practices are held even though there is precipitation. Therefore, get ready to break out the umbrellas and rain gear. As a rule always check for updates by calling our program's phone line. In accordance with the Postal Service's motto, "Through Rain, Sleet or Snow We Deliver."