Brooklyn Patriots Red: About Us

Sunday, October 2

The Brooklyn Patriots Red teams are solely members of the Brooklyn Patriots Soccer Club. We the coaches & managers of the Reds, are committed to take the Patriots Soccer from intramural to competitive levels. We will work & train with the less talented players of all ages & develop them into competitive & talented players.

Coaching Staff Inspiration:

Our inspiration comes from the president of the organization, Mr. Antonio Vargas, the way he respects every individual & most most of all what he said to us when he allowed us to be coaches in this organization, dating back to 2002. His exact words were "Take these kids, teach them well, keep them off the streets & make sure they go to school", these words left an everlasting imprint in our minds & hearts. 

Coaches Of The Reds:

We, Vincent & Garvin, are lincensed coaches & have been a very good combination with the team over the years.  We have been able to keep at least 98% of our roster year after year. We are open to any & everyone who is willing to learn & play the game of soccer at a competitive level. we have worked with kids from almost all nationalities. Players who join the team after trials feel welcome & comfortable right away. Our team is a family under one roof. Feel free to call us anytime to sign up & join our program.