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Brooklyn Mariners FC.


The Brooklyn Mariners FC is a diversified soccer club. We are a growing community-based organization open to children boys and girls from ages 6 to 16 years old. The Club's mission is to teach teamwork, sportsmanship, and to engage children in gainful recreation through the game of soccer. Brooklyn Mariners FC soccer activities take our youth off the streets and help them build positive self-esteem. The children also participate in recreational team games. We also offer a competitive traveling team, which is part of the Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League (CJSL). The children also participate in local, regional and invitational soccer tournaments.


BMFC was established to give players a positive, stable and unified club environment where individuals can reach their full potential as a person and a soccer player.


For further information about our club and our professional trainers please contact; 

 @  917-531-8342 or 347-432-5384

         656 Sheffield Ave.

         Brooklyn NY 11207.


Kalif Lewis 1998-2910
Thursday, July 29
IN MEMORY OF KALIF LEWIS 1998 to 2010     A dedication to Curlina Edwards, Caldric Lewis & from Kalif Lewis-Selected by Othniel Biddy (Coach Attie) Silent Hero Just when I stopped believing, you walked through the door,"Just an ordinary man,” I thought. "He could be nothing more."Past hurts had left me blinded, pains had broken me.Trust had left my heart to roam, in a world of uncertainty.Then you came, a hero with no fancy name,No cape, nor shield or fancy clothes, who showed up at my games,At times I thought I saw your shadow, as I crossed the street.I thought of you as my protector, who could handle any feat.You filled my life with laughter, gave me hope and a dream,Taught me how to love myself, and find my self esteem.You said that you could not fly, or make things disappear.The only powers that you had were found in love and prayer.The many years you took the time, and stood tall by my side,I saw you as a promise keeper, and my lifelong guide.Today as I walk down the aisle dressed in my cap and gown,My eyes will search each row for you; you've never let me down.I stand on this pinnacle, carried here on your wings of grace,Finally conquered the villains of fear, laughed at defeat in the face.Thank you Silent Hero, you touched my life and now I'm freeFree to embrace life challenges and help humanity.  By Michelle Edwin-Trotman