Saturday, May 12
Player and Parent Expectations

Player Contract As a member of the Brooklyn Hustlers I pledge to:

Come to all practices, training sessions and games prepared to play, ready to listen and equipped with a ball, shin guards, water and appropriate dress / uniform.

Be respectful to all players on my team and other teams.

Be respectful to all coaches and referees.

Refrain from using abusive and/or taunting language while at practice, before, during and after a game.

Refrain from physical abuse of other players, coaches, referees, parents and spectators while at practice, before, during and after a game.

Support the team and other teammates by following the game while on the sidelines.

Parent Contract As a parent of a Brooklyn Hustlers player, I pledge to:

Support my child’s efforts to be on time and be prepared for all practices, training sessions and games.

Calmly watch the play and not shout instructions to my child or other players.

Not question the calls of the referee or the actions of the coach.

Provide encouragement to my child and all team players.

Be respectful of all players on my child’s team and opposing teams, coaches and referees.

Discuss all issues with my child’s coach privately and at a time away from the game.

Refrain from unsportsmanlike and poor parenting behavior including verbal or physical abuse of players, coaches, referees and other spectators at practice, before, during and after games.