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If you prefer to register a new player in person rather than registering online.  You can print and fill out a medial release form and registration form and bring it with you when registering a player. 

Medical Release Form

Player Registration Form

Volunteer Form


Divisions of play

Click on link for explanation of Divisions.

What's needed to register

When registering please bring your child’s original, NOT HOSPITAL birth certificate and 3 proofs of residency (driver's license, voters registration, school records, welfare records, utility bills, tax records). Proofs of Residency are to be dated from Feb 1st of prior year to Feb 1st of current registration year. If you are registering online, we will contact you for the necessary information.

Birth certificates can be obtained at the  
Elkhart County Health Department.  There is also information at the Elkhart County Health Department  on how to obtain an out of state birth certificate.

Bristol Little League Boundary information
You must live within the areas marked in green and in Indiana to play at Bristol Little League.

Indiana Boundaries

Park aerial picture