Bristol Little League: Welcome

Online Registration for the 2015 Season.

Our online registration for the 2015 season is now open.

There was an incorrect date for the Tball division cutoff.  Players must be four years old on 12/13/2015.  

 We are still registering players. Players can be registered online or call Gary Ganger at 848-1677 or email

Bristol Little League
53765 CR 27
Bristol, IN 46507

Accepting players in all of Bristol Little League District - including Bristol, Middlebury, Union, Mottville, and portions of White Pigeon communities.  Check boundary map below.

Registration fees:

December: $40 + $20 concession stand fee.

January: $60 first player, $40 2nd and 3rd player, Tball $50 first player.  $20 concession fee for each player.

Feb/March: $80 first player, $40 2nd and 3rd player, Tball $50 first player. $20 concession fee for each player.


Bristol Little League Boundary information

You must live within the areas marked in green to play at Bristol Little League.

Bristol Little League Boundaries Indiana

Bristol League South Michigan Boundaries


Bristol Little League North Michigan Boundaries