Brisbane AYSO, Region #1344: News: Frequenty Asked Questions

Frequenty Asked Questions

Many of us have been involved in AYSO for so long that we forget to tell parents new to AYSO some important information. Here are some answers to questions that have come up recently:

  1. When are games? An old joke is that AYSO stands for "All Your Saturdays Occupied". Games are on Saturdays for the fall season. The season starts early in September and ends before Thanksgiving in November.
  2. When are practices? Practices can not start until August 1st. Once the teams are formed, the coach will set up a meeting with the parents to determine practice schedules and solict help from the parents.
  3. Can I get a refund? If the uniform has not been worn, a full refund can be given (for any reason). Once the uniform is worn we will need to deduct the uniform cost plus the fee we need to pay the AYSO national organization.
  4. How can I help? Since we are a totally volunteer organization, help is welcome at many levels. The first step is often to help the coach or Team Parent. AYSO has an extensive training program. It even has classes for people to learn how to train instructors. Instruction and management classes can be very usefull outside of soccer. All classes are free of cost. Since we are a non-profit organization, donations are tax deductible.
  5. Are my children safe in AYSO? The player fee includes insurance in case they are injured during a practice or game. Soccer is a fun game, but injuries do occur. All coaches and volunteers are screened and must go through appropriate training and a "safe Haven" course. The most important aspect of AYSO is that it is a community of concerned parents who do what they feel is in the best interest for all the players. Winning is not the primary objective. AYSO should be "safe, fair and fun". In other words, we all look out for all the kids.
  6. What do I need to buy? All players need shin guards and appropriate shoes. Most players have soccer cleats, but they are not mandatory. They must wear the uniform that is issued to them for games. The uniform is theirs to keep. It is recommended that each player has a soccer ball for practice. It is well known that the more time a player spends knocking a ball around, the better their skills will be.
  7. What if I can't afford the fee? We want all kids to be able to play. If there is a financial problem, please contact Greg Trefz at the email address below or any of the other board members.
  8. More questions? Send them to