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Home of the Brigantine Beach Volleyball Association (BBVA), a non-profit organization located on Brigantine Island in Southern New Jersey, and run by a Board of Directors.  BBVA provides volleyball for players of all ages and skill levels.  Known for the Greenhead Open and Steve Hopp Memorial Volleyball Tournaments.  BBVA is sanction by Volley America, the membership-based grassroots program for tournaments and recreational leagues (  All players are required to have a membership number.

The members meet year round playing both indoor and on the beach.  All beach tournaments are held at the 38th Street beach where BBVA maintains 6 beach volleyball courts.  BBVA is a Great American Volleyball (GAV) affiliate, so come join the fun.

 If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line at:


Tuesday, March 21
The 2018 season of Thursday Nights is underway!!

The 2018 season of Thursday Nights is underway!! 

Format: Open play (pick-ups), 6s, 4s, and/or 2s. Every Thursday starting @ 6:00pm until dusk (or, as late as 9:00 PM+ on one court, thanks to lighting installed/set up in 2015!)

Membership/Payment plan is as follows:

* Signing up with Volley America ( is required along with your BBVA membership. The cost remains at $15. In order to play, you must either provide the number generated by Volley America (Example: 10XXXXXX) via a printout from the site, or be able to pull up the number. 

* In addition, all players must fill out and sign the BBVA Waiver of Liability form.

* High School age students (18 and under) will pay $20 BBVA + $15 VA = $35 for the season.

* General members above 18 yrs old will pay $35 BBVA + $15 VA = $50 for the season.

* Single-night players:

  - Players who plan to play for one night only will pay $5 and must sign the BBVA Waiver of Liability form.

  - Subsequent nights played will require a Volley America number, and either purchase the BBVA Membership, or continue paying $5 for each subsequent night played.

The BBVA Waiver of Liability can be found on the BBVA Membership & Events page

(Note: You can also check our Facebook page at for details and updates.) 

Tuesday, March 21
2017 Steve Hopp Memorial Scholarship

The 2017 Steve Hopp Memorial Scholarship application is available at:

Tuesday, September 27
Thursday Night Open Play

It's been a wonderful of our best ever! The Members' Tournament was on Sunday, 9/11, where five teams (four teams of 4 and one team of 3) battled it out to become the 2016 Champions! Congratulations to the winners (who were undefeated throughout the tournament):

Jim Escarge [team captain] - Julianna Snider - Dale Woods - Dave Jareckas

And the second place finishers (the sole 3-player team, whose only loss(es) were to the champion team):

Zach Narkiewicz [team captain] - Jim Flango - Ray Dumas

Also, it should be noted that the winner of the King Of The Beach contest this year was Jim Escarge!

A huge thanks to all who participated to make 2016 an excellent season, and we look forward to next Summer! 

Thursday, July 7
2016 Steve Hopp Memorial Scholarship Recipients Awarded!

Congratulations to Cortney Olsen and Sabrina Carey, who were awarded $1,000 scholarships at the Greenhead Open Tournament on July 2-3!!

BBVA player waiver & Volley America membership forms

All needed forms can be found on the link to the left named "Tournaments and Membership Info".  If you have problems downloading the forms, feel free to request them via email:

The BBVA annual membership is $30, you must sign the player waiver form and you must have a Volley America membership number.

You can register with Volley America online ($15) at: and select "Brigantine Beach Volleyball" as your 'League' or 'Tournament' on the Type of Play field.

If you choose to do it on-site with BBVA (38th Street beach courts) the registration will be $20, we'll get it done for you & send you an email with your membership number to keep and use on future events.

You can also send forms and payments to: P.O. Box 1208, Brigantine, NJ 08203.  Checks payable to: BBVA.  We look forward to see you on our Thursday Night Open Play, and tournament events this summer!!