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Wednesday, January 2
Little League Intermediate (50/70) baseball division web page
Resources and information about the new "Intermediate" division in baseball.  This program was piloted in 2011 and 2012 (BOGLL participated in 2012) and is intended to serve as a bridge between majors (46/60 diamond with no leadoffs) and juniors (60/90 diamond)  It is an official division for 2013 complete with an International tournament.  Little League allows baseball players league age 11-13 to participate, but the actual age structure can be determined at the local league level.  BOGLL intends to participate but determination of the age structure will have to wait until we see how registration goes!

Saturday, December 2
Little League baseball bat information page

Thinking of buying a bat for your baseball player?  Refer to the link above to make sure the bat you're considering will be legal. 


Sunday, December 3
Coaches Resource Center

Sunday, December 3
Little League Policy and Position Statements

Sunday, December 3
Little League Child Protection Program

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