Bridge Athletics: Bridge Guidelines

Sunday, April 1
Bridge Athletics Guidelines

MISSION: Bridge Athletics focuses on fellowship, building community and strengthening relationships through sports.


FOCUS TO REMEMBER: We are representing Bridge Community Church on and off the field and we need to keep that on our mind each game we play. It will be competetitve and tensions will be high on both sides, but always try to keep your cool and remember tat we are all one church body. Basically, watch how you talk and handle yourself to the other team,  refs, and teammates.


PLAYING REQUIREMENTS: We require that any partipant in Bridge Athletics be an active part of Bridge Community or FLCC. As active part does not mean attending one service a month, but we active members attending multiple services, serving at church events, building relationship and strenthening our church's community. *** On a exception basis, if you have someone who does not attend church that you are reaching out too, we will allow one person to be added to the team. We want to be able to use this spot to reach out to someone who could really benefit from a close knit community of believers and develop a meaningful relationship through a sporting event.


FAMILY BONDING: Family bonding is essential to developing a strong community and we highly encourage couples, parents/children, and siblings to play togethe and grow in fellowship with one another. This group is designed to be an adult small group, but we want to provide an oppurtunity for teenagers to play with their parents. However, due to some restrictinos we have to place soe rules onthe the teenagers that are playing. For Volleyball and Softball: If you are 16 or 17 years old you must be accompanied by a parent that is also playing on the team. If for any reason the parents can not make it to a game, then the teenager will not be allowed to play on that night. For liability reason, this rule cannot be wavered. As basketball is a contact sport, 18+ is required. For those under 16 years old, they will not be eligible to play.


EXPECTATIONS FOR THE PLAYER: We expect that if you are making the commitment to be apart of Bridge Athletics then you must be committed to the team.

First, Show up to the games on time and ready to play, If not please give the coaches adequate time to readjust lineup and strategy.

Second, Make yourself available and open to building new relationships with your teammates.

Third, Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. If you are going to be late or miss the game, let the coach know as soon as possible. It helps them out tremondously.

Also, communicate with your coach or ministry leader and not the other players if you have an issue or complaint. We cannot read your mind or understand your feelings, so please talk to us before it becomes a bigger issue.

Fourth, enjoy yourself, connect with others, and have fun because in the end that is what this group is all about.


EXPECTATIONS OF THE COACHES: If we are expecting you to be at every game, then you can expect to play when you come. The coaches will do their best to ensure that everyone has equal playing time. Some games you will play the whole time, others you wont. If you have any concerns about your playing time, address the coach directly and not complain to your teammats. Just to clairfy for everyone, we will give playing time preference to those wha are committed and showing up to the games, so for those who are inconsistent need to understand that when they come to games. 


RULES TO LIVE BY: We are representing Bridge Community. Absolutely no foul language, drinking, or smoking at any time before, during, or after games. I know everyone is not perfect, but we are going to be very strict on this rule. After the first time, the coach will address the issue, but if same conduct continues than the coach, player and pastor will mee to discuss how we will proceed with the situation. We strive to make this a family friendly enviroment and we all need to be a good example for the team, family, and friends who are watching the game.