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Tuesday, October 22
Briarwood Division & Practice Info

Briarwood Division Info


Tee-Ball: This division is usually for league ages 4-6. This division is our youngest and most have likely never played baseball before.  They may not know how to hit, catch & or throw a baseball. Children will learn to hit off of a tee and run base to base until they score.  We teach the defense to try and field the ball and throw to the correct base. No outs or runs are recorded and truly represents the meaning of everyone wins! By the end of the season, the goal is that all kids can hit without a tee and will try to field the ball and make an out.

Practice & Games: Tee-Ball level usually will practice at least twice a week until the season starts. Once the season has started you will play two games a week, one on Saturday and one on Wednesday. At that point some coaches will only practice once a week. Practices and games will usually run about an hour. Tee-Ball will usually play between 15-20 games per season. Practice locations can vary, however all games will be at Briarwood.


Rookie Ball: Between league for those that have played at least 1 year of Tee-Ball or are skilled enough to play above the Tee-Ball level but not ready for Farm (likely 6-7 years old). It is an introduction to playing 3 out baseball similar to the Farm division; however it is all coach pitch. No kids will pitch, and no tee’s allowed at this level. Kids will learn and play actual positions on the field and have to make 3 out’s in an inning. They will learn about throwing to cut off’s and getting outs at the easiest base. Most kids will still have a tough time making all of the plays which is why there will be a 5 run rule, which if one team scores 5 runs in an inning the teams will switch from offense to defense. This is a great division for those that have at least one skill such as hitting or fielding the ball but are not advanced enough or too young for the Farm division. It also eliminates your child playing a second or third year of Tee-Ball and is looking for a bigger challenge.

Practice & Games: This level will practice at least twice a week and play two games per week during the season. Games and practices will be run 90 minutes. Rookie Ball will play between 15-20 games per season. Practice locations can vary, however all games will be at Briarwood.


Farm: This division is preparation for Minors. Ages will range from highly skilled 6 year olds to 8 and first time players age 9. This is a DRAFTED division meaning any child who is 6 years old or older will have to try out in front of the coaches and will be rated and chosen onto a team. If your child is not chosen into a Farm or higher division, they will be placed in either Tee-Ball or Rookie depending on skill and age. This division will be a bit more competitive as kids understand the game more and their skills are developing. The main goal of this division is to prepare them for the next level of baseball. They will play 3 out baseball and the goal will be having kids pitch instead of the coach. Everyone will bat in the lineup and there will be defensive substitutions. There will be a Farm playoff and Championship at the end of the season and the annual Farm All-Star game played on our Major Field at closing ceremonies.

Practice & Games: Expect up to 2 hour practices at least twice a week with games also played  twice a week during the season. Farm division will play between 15-20 games not including playoffs. Practices are usually at Briarwood or another local field, and all games will be played at Briarwood.


Minors: In this division we are trying to polish all skills in hopes to prepare the children for the Major division which is what everyone should be aspiring for. Ages start at 8 and go up to 11 years old in this division. Minors will be a 3 out baseball game with 9 fielders only and all batters will bat in the lineup despite being on the field or not. All players will play during the game on defense at some point. There is a 5 run rule per inning as well as a 10 run mercy rule after 4 innings. This division will be very competitive as this is the first chance the kids will be able to understand keeping score, win-loss record, team stats and the potential to win our league Championship. The Champion will go on to represent Briarwood in the district Tournament Of Champions (TOC’s). Players are also eligible based on individual performance & age to represent Briarwood in the annual district All-Star tournament at the end of the year. Players will be chosen for this team at the end of the regular season and will play against other leagues All-Stars in hopes to reach the State Championship.

Practice & Games: Expect at least 2 hour practices 2-3 times per week and 2 games per week during the season. Games can run up to 2 hours long. Minor division will play 20-26 games per season not including playoffs. There can be some travel required locally as we do play at other league’s fields at some point during the season. Practices are usually at Briarwood or another local field.


Majors: This is the peak of the mountain for Little League. Everyone’s goal should be to play at this level. This is our highest and most competitive level of baseball which is league age 10-12 ONLY. Rules change a bit at this level as each team must have at least 12 players on its roster however only 9 can be in the lineup at one time. Kids will have to compete against each other more at this level than any other; however the rewards are much higher. There is NO run limit per inning at Briarwood in Majors; however we do still have a mercy rule after playing 4 innings. All players should expect to get at least ONE at bat in the game and play on defense for a short period of time as there is a minimum play rule. Just like Minors, the Championship team from our league will go on to represent Briarwood in the district TOC’s. The highest reward would be if your child makes the 12 year old All-Star team, this is the team that can go onto playing in the Little League World Series as seen on ESPN.

Practice & Games: Expect 3 or more practices per week, and 2 games per week during the season. Practices can run at least 2 hours or more. Most Major games are less than 2 hours long. Majors will usually play at least 24-28 games, not including playoffs. There can be some travel to play other league’s locally and practice locations may also vary.

Tuesday, October 22
All Info & FAQ About Try Out's

Does My Child Need To Try Out? Why?


*All children league age 6 or older MUST try out so we can properly place them on a team. Even if your child has never played before, our board and coaching staff will make sure your child will be placed in the proper division based on skill and age. Not only is it in the best interest for the player, but also as a safety precaution for your child and other children; it is VERY important to try out. You will not try out if you are league age 4 or 5 and will be placed in the Tee-Ball division, unless a special request has been made on your player application.



When & Where Does My Child Try Out?


*2017 Try Outs will be held on the Briarwood Minor field located on 3360 Cabrillo Ave. in Santa Clara. You MUST first check in at the snack shack and receive your try out number. This number is very important, and you will not be able to try out without it. Try Outs are being held on January 14th, January 21st and January 28th.  Your child MUST attend ONLY one of these try out dates if they are league age 6 or older. You do not attend more than one. Try Outs usually start at 9am based on age group and last up to 1 hour per group. Briarwood will email and post all try out times on its league web site prior to try out date.



What Do We Need To Bring For Try Outs?


*All children should bring a baseball glove, and should wear baseball cleats. If you have your own bat and helmet, those would be beneficial as well. They should wear comfortable baseball attire such as baseball pants or sweats and a tee shirt and baseball cap. Based on weather conditions you should bring or wear a long sleeve shirt and or a light but not bulky jacket. Expect to arrive at least 30 minutes early to check in and get warmed up on the field.



What Happens At Try Outs?


*Children will start by getting their arms warmed up. Players then are divided up by age group and will be tested at catching fly balls, fielding ground balls, throwing, running and hitting. Once your child has finished, your try out is complete. Try outs is conducted by our Player Agent and President, while coaches will be on the field rating the children skill level.



How Do I know What Team My Child Will Be On?


*After both try out dates are completed, the league holds a draft with all coaches who will decide what players will be chosen to play at what levels. This draft is guided by our Player Agent and President to ensure Little League rules are followed and players are placed properly. Draft is usually completed within 1 week of the last try out date. Once completed, coaches will be handed player applications and will begin sending emails and making phone calls to those chosen. For those that will not try out or are selected into a Rookie Ball or Tee-Ball division, you will be notified by your coach by February 1, 2017. If you have not been contacted by a team or coach by this date, please email us at:



Opening Day: Saturday March 4th, 2017

Tuesday, October 22
Briarwood Contact Info

Text Alerts: We have a great service for folks that want to know what events are coming up, fundraisers, whether a game is cancelled or if a game has been changed. This will be provided to you by TEXT. It’s that easy! The text alert service is absolutely FREE! To sign up visit our website at: Find the link on our HOME page: “Sign up for Text Alerts”. No more waiting for a coach to call you because we will be there to inform you of all the news, as soon as we know, you will know! For Facebook members: You can have the feature also added to your Facebook. Simply hit “LIKE” on our Official Briarwood Little League Baseball page and this feature will automatically be added to your Facebook so that you can get the latest information all in one click of a button.


Facebook FAN PAGE: We have an official site for Briarwood called:  Official Briarwood Little League Baseball. Make sure to hit “LIKE” in order to get alerts on your Facebook page. You can post pictures and other valuable information, as it is designed for us to use for fun and to share memories, events, and baseball photos with friends, family, and your children. To sign up for Facebook, go to



Facebook BOARD Page: When reaching out to the BELL Board, we welcome you to send us a friend request. This is where you can find the BELL BOARD family. You may send us a private message here. If you do have concerns or suggestions, please know you can private message our team since we do value trust and confidentiality. We will also respond to your message usually within 24 hours.




Email: You are welcome to email us at: This email is used for any & all comments or suggestions.


Website: Visit our Website where you can go for ALL LEAGUE NEWS:

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