Santa Clara Briarwood El Camino Little League: League Boundaries

Briarwood League Boundaries

The boundaries for Santa Clara Briarwood El Camino Little League are very large -- we cover pretty much the entire north side of Santa Clara and Alviso bewteen El Camino Real and the Bay, from Lawrence Expressway to the west and the San Jose border to the east.  New Little League rules for 2014 state that all players who live or attend a school within a League's boundaries are eligible to play in that League.  This is a significant change, because in the past players were bound to leagues based exclusively on residency.  So, if you live or your child attends school anywhere in this area, there's a good chance that we're your League!

Click on link above to be taken to a new page with an interactive Google Map showing Briarwood's League Boundaries along with the boundaries for the other Leagues within California District 44.  Briarwood is the north-eastern most League shown on this map (the upper right-hand corner of the highlighted boundaries).  Be sure to zoom in to see if you're eligible to join us based on residency or the school your child attends.*  Hit the "Back" button on your browser to return to our website.

(Paper maps might be available at the Snack Shack, but trust us:  The online map is much easier to see and use!)

 * Here's the list of eligible schools within Briarwood's League Boundaries as of the Spring 2014 Season:


Bowers Cabrillo North Valley Baptist
Bracher Don Callejon One World Montessori
Briarwood St. Lawrence
Don Callejon Santa Clara Christian
Scott Lane 

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