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2018 PDF Game Schedules
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2018 Rules
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2018 Fallball Registration
  • Please note that all USA stamped bats are allowed in Levels 4 & 5.
  • Level 3 is Little League 2 1/4 barrel bats ONLY

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Fallball - Individuals

Individual Players looking for a team: Please send an email to mpasqualini@brparks.org with your contact information, player's age, team/league, preferred positions and any other general information that may be helpful. Your email will be forwarded to any coaches looking for players at your child's age level.

Handout: 2018 Fallball Information and Roster

2016 League Sponsors
Wednesday, March 15
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Rainout Line
Rainout Line

Level 3 Bat Rules
Level 3 is following Little League baseball bat rules. Maximum barrel size is 2-1/4 inches. Any barrel larger than 2-1/4 inches is considered an illegal bat and will be removed from play. Both teams will be issued a warning from the umpire. Any subsequent batter entering the batter's box with a non-compliant bat will be considered an out.

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Rollie Clark, 1947-2010

On Wednesday, July 21, Rollie Clark passed away. Rollie has long been an umpire for the local community and was an integral part of the growth of the Burr Ridge Fallball Baseball League. His dedication to the league was unprecedented as he drove to Burr Ridge 3 evenings per week and on Sundays from Sandwich, IL just to be a part of the action. Rollie rolled up on his trike proudly displaying his Vietnam POW-MIA flag and always wore his American flag bandana. As an umpire Rollie demanded the respect of the players and coaches on the field and placed a high value on performing at his best each and every game.

Over the years, Rollie became a good friend. He cared about my staff and during the winter months checked in to see how everyone was doing. Also, Rollie was never shy to tell you about his fishing adventures, his "trike" trips on the open roads to Arizona, his projects as an ironworker, or his trials and tribulations serving our country in Vietnam. Thank you Rollie!